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Tyson Fury edges Anthony Joshua as it stands, says Jamie Moore


Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua, super super-middleweights, drugs in boxing and bizarre threats... it's time for Jamie Moore.

David Haye would give Tyson Fury no chance against Anthony Joshua. Would you?

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IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua says he would love to fight Tyson Fury

If they met right now, my money would be on Fury. Although Anthony Joshua has won a version of the world title, Charles Martin was untested. The way Joshua went about the job is what I expected and Tyson Fury is a totally different kettle of fish.

The reason Fury is so effective is that his height and reach advantages are so huge, and he's really good at nullifying anything his opponent is good at. It's not necessarily what he does that's good - it's what he stops you from doing. At this moment in time, Fury would be the pick. It'll take 12-18 months' more experience to start swaying towards Joshua.

Is Dominic Breazeale a live opponent for AJ or will he dispatch him like he did Martin?

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Joshua will just be too strong for Dominic Breazeale, according to Johnny Nelson

Again, much like Martin and a bit like Joshua himself, Breazeale is pretty untested. That's not to say he's not a good fighter. We really don't know and I think it's a good fight. It's not against Haye or Fury obviously but it's worthy of a first title defence and Joshua is entering unchartered territory here. In itself, that can be a danger.

Breazeale has amateur pedigree that may help him but I think Joshua has the ability to take anybody out early, so it's not just a case of how good you are, it's a case of how good Joshua is. Breazeale could do much better than people expect. He may be aware of Joshua's capabilities that he goes defensive early on and tries to make it three or four rounds before he tries to establish himself.

Do you expect any problems for Badou Jack or James DeGale this weekend?

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World champion James DeGale ahead of his fight with Rogelio Medina

I don't expect either to be troubled too much. Jack is in with someone who's been found out at the very top level a few times, and the blueprint to beat Lucian Bute is there. If Jack is as good as he should be, then he shouldn't be worried by Bute at this stage. DeGale has come on leaps and bounds and he isn't in with a massive threat, either. Both should deal with their jobs in hand.

I think DeGale would beat Jack right now, but Callum Smith may get to Jack first. If that's the case, then I think Smith will beat Jack, too. I really rate Callum. I think he'll go all the way and be involved in some massive fights. If DeGale boxes Jack first, then we could have a massive all-British fight on our hands.

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David Price and Tony Bellew want boxing drugs cheats arrested. Do you agree with them?

David Price hopes to join the running to face Anthony Joshua
Image: Moore agrees with David Price's uncompromising stance on drugs

I can see exactly where they're coming from because at the end of the day, boxing's not a sport like the 100m, in which you've just got to run faster than someone. Boxing can be potentially life-threatening so to enhance your body to perform better in a boxing match potentially puts someone's life at risk.

Drugs offences in boxing should definitely carry a lifetime ban, in my opinion. You shouldn't be allowed to box as a professional again. I can understand why the guys are so passionate about it that they want it made a criminal offence because it's so close to the heart. I was never involved in a bout where anybody got found cheating against me so I don't feel as passionate about it as those guys, but I agree with them.

Ilunga Makabu has threatened to make Bellew cry by the third round. What bizarre threats from opponents have you received?

Jamie Moore (left) and Ryan Rhodes weigh in at the Bolton Arena, Bolton.
Image: Jamie Moore (left) and Ryan Rhodes clashed in 2009

Crying by the third round? I've never heard anything as bizarre as that, no. I never got anything particularly creative - maybe the most I ever got was someone saying that they were going to punch my head in. Quite a few of them said things like that.

Actually... now I think about it, Ryan Rhodes did warn me that he was going to ruin my hopes of a world title. It's not particularly bizarre, but it still hurts that he went and did exactly that.

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