Anthony Joshua will crack America, says Jamie Moore

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Wladimir Klitschko couldn't resist a photobomb as Anthony Joshua was getting into the spirit of New York City

Will Anthony Joshua become a star in America? Do trainers deserve to get criticism? Who should take on Mikey Garcia next? Jamie Moore returns to tackle the boxing's biggest talking points.

Anthony Joshua hit New York on Tuesday for the first time, so can you see him cracking America?

Joshua and Klitschko in Times Square
Image: Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko in Times Square on Tuesday

I think Joshua's halfway there already. The Americans know all about him and he's the sort of character you can see them taking a liking to. It's not just his performances - it's the sort of person he is and the sort of athlete he is. He is not your typical British fighter and I can only see him succeeding in cracking America.

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Ricky Hatton did it, with all his support and the fact they called him the 'Manchester Mexican'. Naseem Hamed probably did it as well. Ricky in particular cracked the boxing fans over there, but I can see Joshua taking the bull by the horns and catching the general public's eye.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - JANUARY 18:  Ricky Hatton makes his way past the slot machines to a press conference on January 18, 2007 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vega
Image: Ricky Hatton was the last Briton to break America's boxing fans, says Jamie

I'm not even sure Deontay Wilder has come close to that, but let's hope Joshua comes through Wladimir Klitschko, then there is a massive fight with the American. If AJ wants to crack America, what more does he need than that?

Staying in America, what is your view on the Frampton-Santa Cruz trilogy?

LAS VEGAS, NV - JANUARY 28:  Leo Santa Cruz (R) hits Carl Frampton with a left in the 11th round of their WBA featherweight title fight at MGM Grand Garden
Image: Carl Frampton and Leo Santa Cruz need to do it again right away, says Jamie

There is no doubt there should be a third one and both fighters have said they want it. All boxing fans want to see it, but the key for me is this: it has to happen straight away. I don't think there is another fight out there for them that is as big and what happens if one of them takes on someone else and loses? That devalues any other fight and I would strike while the iron is hot.

I don't think there is another fight out there for them that is as big and what happens if one of them takes on someone else and loses?
Jamie Moore

Both fights were great fights to watch. There's always the fear of a second fight not living up to the first one but their rematch certainly did. In the first one Frampton was a tad ahead all the way through and I think you can say the same for Leo Santa Cruz in the second one.

Shane McGuigan got some stick for the loss, Jim McDonnell came under fire two weeks' ago, so having been on 'both sides of the fence', what is your take on the criticism of both trainers?

Shane McGuigan, Carl Frampton
Image: Shane McGuigan came under fire following the Frampton defeat

I am not sure I get why people always blame the trainers after a loss, or even a draw. There are always times when the trainer says something in the corner to his man and I don't agree with it, but I am not them, they are not me. We are different people dealing with different fighters and they know them better than anyone sitting at home does.

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All we get on TV is a snapshot of what is going on, not the full minute, so it's not fair to judge trainers on that. Shane McGuigan and Jim McDonnell are world-title winning trainers, so I am not going to judge them, especially on those snapshots.

James DeGale and Jim McDonnell
Image: Jim McDonnell knows James DeGale inside out

I don't sit in the gym shouting at my fighters while they are sparring, because I tell them they need to follow my instructions, not instantly react to what I am yelling out in those three minutes. I don't think that's necessary, but some fighters need someone constantly shouting at them. It's all about finding the right trainer for the fighter. I have no problem with Shane McGuigan, because he knows Frampton inside out and don't forget, no one said anything about him when they won the first fight with Santa Cruz.

Mikey Garcia won a world title at his third weight - if he stays at lightweight, who would you put him in with?

Mikey Garcia (R) knocks out Dejan Zlaticanin with a right in the third round of their WBC lightweight title fight at MGM Grand
Image: Mikey Garcia knocked out Dejan Zlaticanin to become a lightweight world champion

That's a good question because I just don't see anyone getting close to him any time soon. Dejan Zlaticanin is a solid, talented world champion and I just didn't envisage him getting knocked out like that. Garcia just executed his game-plan to an absolute tee. It was close to perfection and that makes it even harder to see anyone wanting to take him on, never mind beating him.

Jorge Linares is tied up with Anthony Crolla of course and they give any lightweight in the world a hard night, because they are the cream. But even if Linares, who was there on Saturday, was free, I can still see Garcia taking care of him.

Terry Flanagan (r) stopped Orlando Cruz on Saturday night
Image: Terry Flanagan has the WBO title at 135lbs

Is Luke Campbell a possible opponent for Garcia? Not for me. Maybe Terry Flanagan would be the one, because he brings high-octane pressure, so that would be a good clash of styles. He is a southpaw like Zlaticanin, but is a different type of fighter. There is one thing that would be the same: I can't see Terry beating him either. Garcia is head and shoulders above most of them and has the edge over Linares, too.

Lee Selby's opponent withdrew the day before the fight - has that ever happened to you?

Lee Selby
Image: Lee Selby's opponent Jonathan Barros withdrew the day before the fight

It was such a shame, what happened to Lee Selby but if it makes him feel any better, it happens to most of us. Okay, it's not at the very top level on a Las Vegas bill, but it is still infuriating and so frustrating. Mine was at the six-round level and I'd already stopped David Baptiste in my fourth pro fight, but when I suffered my first professional loss against Scott Dixon a year-and-a-half later, Baptiste was supposed to be my 'comeback' fight.

I got a phone call the night before and Baptiste was out. Well, in his place was Harry Butler, a journeyman I'd stopped in two rounds the fight after I'd beaten Baptiste. Harry had won two out of 30 for that one, and a whopping seven out of 55 less than two years later.

Jamie Moore of England celebrates his victory against Adam Katumwa of Uganda in 2004
Image: Jamie didn't have a mustache and neither did Harry Butler, second time around

It wasn't the same sort of blow Selby was given, but at the time I wasn't happy and after stopping Baptiste, I wanted the chance to do it again and show people it wasn't a fluke, and I was over my first defeat already. The biggest topic of conversation was if Harry Butler had shaved his 'tache off from the first one... and he hadn't!

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