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Dominic Breazeale contacted Glenn McCrory with a message for Anthony Joshua and fans...


Anthony Joshua's next opponent Dominic Breazeale sends a message to British fight fans through a surprised Glenn McCrory...

Dominic Breazeale privately messaged me on Wednesday night. Completely out of the blue. Can you believe it? I'd never met the man or even spoken to him before. It was quite strange.

He just wanted me to tell all the fans that he's coming here to take the title. I replied just saying 'Good luck!' He seems a pleasant enough fellow.

Breazeale getting in touch with me shows he is obviously aware of the job that he's got to do. He knows what's going on, what we do and all the hype surrounding Joshua.

Breazeale beat Fred Kassi on Deontay Wilder's undercard
Image: Dominic Breazeale (L) is confident of dethroning Anthony Joshua

The American is a big, quality unit and there is always a danger we get too carried away about AJ. I thought Charles Martin came over here to defend his IBF world heavyweight title with a bit of a poor attitude. It was like he thought he just had to turn up.

I don't think Martin had studied AJ or anything, I think he dismissed him as a kid who was fresh out of the Olympic Games with only 15 professional fights on his record. He came with a lacklustre attitude thinking nobody could hurt him. When I saw Martin at the weigh-in I knew it'd be an easy night for AJ because the champion didn't look in great shape.

For someone who'd been in training camp for 12 weeks or whatever it was, having had loads of notice, you've got to get yourself in shape. You can't not look in shape.

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Anthony Joshua v Dominic Breazeale
Image: Tale of the Tape

Back to Breazeale. I need to study him more. He's done well as an amateur, going to the Olympics. He's done everything right so far even though there are no glowing names on his record. He's a big solid man at 6'7".

I think Joshua can beat everybody but I still think we need to keep things in perspective - he's still relatively untested and there's only been one guy, Dillian Whyte, who's really hit him on the chin. AJ reacted well but he was wobbled; he was definitely wobbled. He was stopped in the amateurs and we've got to keep it in perspective.

Joshua's been doing fantastically and it was absolutely spectacular the way he won the world title but as I said, Martin looked ill-prepared and there are going to be much tougher tests. Joshua will come across someone who can stand up to him, and then we'll find out a lot more about him.

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Joshua will just be too strong for Breazeale, says Johnny Nelson

Joshua has never been into the later rounds and sooner or later, someone will take him there. I was around Mike Tyson in his heyday but there were still fighters that would come along and give him serious tests - guys like James Tillis and James 'Bonecrusher' Smith. Tyson had to change plans and do something different.

We've got to see Joshua put in that position. With all that muscle and big bulk, what's he going to be like if someone drags him into a tough fight that goes to the eighth and ninth round and beyond? Is he going to tire quickly like Frank Bruno did against Tim Witherspoon?

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Adam Smith, Johnny Nelson and Glenn McCrory reflect on 25 years of boxing on Sky Sports

It's great what's happened and it's great we've started this journey but there's a long, long way to go.

I think Joshua is already a story everywhere and looking into the future, I'm really looking forward to the day they decide to take him to Las Vegas to tackle the world scene. I think he's someone who could be a world star; an Olympic gold medallist who the Americans will love.

There's a point, as we saw with Ricky Hatton, where it's inevitable to go to Vegas. When you're that big, you have to be seen on the world scene. We are happy with The O2 and of course Wembley but there's already a crowd gathering in the US to see Joshua.

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