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James DeGale - Andre Dirrell & Carl Froch - Gennady Golovkin? Here's Jamie Moore...

Boxers Carl Froch (L) and James DeGale are seen ringside
Image: Jamie Moore wants to see Froch and DeGale at Wembley - but in seperate fights

Jamie Moore turns matchmaker and dreams of a bumper Wembley event featuring James DeGale and Carl Froch - but not against each other...

What's next for James DeGale after his world title win over Andre Dirrell?

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DeGale wants George Groves!

Jamie says: It wasn’t Arturo Gatti v Micky Ward but DeGale v Dirrell was far more exciting than I expected and, the second time around, it would be even better.

I'm not sure DeGale would have won if he didn't get two knock-downs - he started and finished well but dropped a few rounds in the middle of the fight, so there's still questions to be answered.

Dirrell, at this point, is probably as good as he will ever be whereas DeGale can learn from that fight and get even better. I want to see a rematch. I’d like to think DeGale could bring Dirrell over here for a second one.

I’ve heard people want to see Carl Froch v Gennady Golovkin in front of 80,000 fans at Wembley Stadium. I tell you what could definitely make sure they sell enough tickets – let’s have DeGale v Dirrell II on the undercard! Make it a blockbuster night.

The winner of DeGale-Dirrell could then fight the winner of Froch-Golovkin – there’s a lot to think about!

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So would Froch v Golovkin fill Wembley?

Groves suffered a devastated knockout defeat to Carl Froch last summer
Image: The Froch-Groves rematch filled Wembley Stadium

Jamie says: Golovkin’s name is growing. He’s spreading into general sports fans, and is not just being spoken about in boxing circles anymore. But is it selling 80,000 tickets at Wembley? I’m not sure.

I’d absolutely like to find out. Whenever a boxer like Golovkin comes along we want to see him tested and we’re intrigued by who can beat him. What would he be like if he was backed up?

Froch could tick a lot of those boxes. He’s got a terrific chin so he could take a Golovkin shot and come back. Froch would come into the fight massively aware of the punch power in front of him.

If there’s anyone who can walk through Golovkin’s punches and make it a fight, it’s Froch. That’s why people want to see this.

Thinking ahead to this weekend's O2 Arena card - is there any fighter you're excited to see who's gone under the radar?

Jorge Linares
Image: Jorge Linares can steal the show, says Moore

Jamie says: Jorge Linares is the one to watch, he could cause a bit of a surprise against Kevin Mitchell. Linares is an absolutely terrific boxer.

Linares has come through the weights so people think he won’t be big enough, and Mitchell will be bigger and stronger. Let me tell you now – Linares will be huge at lightweight.

He’s a tremendous puncher, and the right hand over the top is an especially dangerous weapon. The timing of it, and the way he throws it, makes you walk right into it.

He came through the weights because he struggled to get down to super-bantamweight. A couple of his bad performances over the years are because of difficulties with his weight. Keep your eyes on Linares, he’ll make the Mitchell fight a barnstormer.

Amir Khan fights in Brooklyn this weekend against Chris Algieri - are you excited by this fight?

Amir Khan
Image: Amir Khan is back in business Stateside

Jamie says: Khan will make easy work of him. An uninspired Manny Pacquiao made Algieri look better than he actually is. He’s made for Khan.

Algieri’s been picked to fight Khan because they want to make a statement and do a better job than Pacquiao did against him. And I believe that will happen.

Khan is hoping that this fight will make him look like a monster, based on Pacquiao’s average performance against Algieri.

Khan is using this fight to continue pushing for a fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Is Anthony Joshua a media hype job, as Kevin Johnson suggested?

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Anthony Joshua responds to the 'hype job' taunts

Jamie says: The media has taken to Joshua and put him on the back pages for the right reasons. But he’s not a hype job – his actions speak for themselves.

The way he’s gone about his job has impressed people. He’s fought the level of competition that you would expect so far. Everybody has to start somewhere and he’s got his stiffest test this weekend against Johnson.

He’s trying to gain a psychological edge over Joshua. I think that if you feel threatened by an opponent you might resort to that. Johnson’s trying to get Joshua to believe it, rather than believing it himself.

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