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Rio 2016 Olympic Games cycling schedule

Dates and times of the road, track, BMX and mountain bike racing

Sir Bradley Wiggins, men's team pursuit, Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Image: Sir Bradley Wiggins (right) will be part of Great Britain's men's pursuit team

Cycling is set to be one of the most exciting sports at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The road cycling events take place over three days in the opening week, the track cycling spans six days over the middle weekend, and the BMX and mountain biking follow at the end of the second week.

Here is the full cycling schedule (all times BST)…


Saturday, August 6

- Men's road race (1.30pm-7.26pm).

Sunday, August 7

- Women's road race (4.15pm-7.40pm).

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Wednesday, August 10

- Women's time trial (12.30pm-1.44pm).
- Men's time trial (2pm-4.55pm).

 Elizabeth Armitstead of Great Britain in action during the Elite Women's Road Race on day seven of the UCI Road World Champio
Image: Britain's Lizzie Armitstead is favourite for the women's road race


Thursday, August 11

Evening session: 8pm-10.45pm

- 8pm-8.16pm: Men's team sprint qualifying.
- 8.19pm-9.10pm: Women's team pursuit qualifying.
- 9.10pm-9.23pm: Men's team sprint first round.
- 9.23pm-10.19pm: Men's team pursuit qualifying.
- 10.21pm-10.29pm: Men's team sprint finals.

Friday, August 12

Evening session: 8pm-10.50pm

- 8pm-8.14pm: Women's team sprint qualifying.
- 8.14pm-8.50pm: Men's sprint qualifying.
- 8.52pm-9.17pm: Men's team pursuit first round.
- 9.17pm-9.28pm: Women's team sprint first round.
- 9.30pm-9.58pm: Men's sprint last 32.
- 10pm-10.08pm: Women's team sprint finals.
- 10.08pm-10.18pm: Men's sprint last-32 repechages.
- 10.20pm-10.50pm: Men's team pursuit finals.

UCI Track Cycling World Championships, Great Britain's Mark Cavendish in action during the Scratch Race round of the Men's Omnium competition.
Image: Mark Cavendish wants to win a medal in the omnium

Saturday, August 13

Afternoon session: 2pm-3.40pm

- 2pm-2.21pm: Women's keirin first round.
- 2.23pm-2.42pm: Men's sprint last 16.
- 2.44pm-3.05pm: Women's keirin first-round repechages.
- 3.07pm-3.15pm: Men's sprint last-16 repechages.
- 3.17pm-3.40pm: Women's team pursuit first round.

Evening session: 8pm-10.25pm

- 8pm-8.16pm: Men's sprint quarter-finals, race one.
- 8.18pm-8.22pm: Men's sprint 9th-12th final.
- 8.22pm-8.34pm: Women's keirin second round.
- 8.34pm-8.50pm: Men's sprint quarter-finals, race two.
- 8.53pm-9.21pm: Women's team pursuit finals.
- 9.21pm-9.25pm: Men's sprint quarter-finals, race three.
- 9.27pm-9.33pm: Women's keirin 7th-12th final.
- 9.33pm-9.39pm: Women's keirin final.
- 9.41pm-9.49pm: Men's sprint semi-finals, race one.
- 9.59pm-10.07pm: Men's sprint semi-finals, race two.
- 10.17pm-10.21pm: Men's sprint 5th-8th final.
- 10.21pm-10.25pm: Men's sprint semi-finals, race three.

Sunday, August 14

Evening session: 8pm-12am

- 8pm-8.38pm: Women's sprint qualifying.
- 8.40pm-9.02pm: Men's omnium 15km scratch race.
- 9.04pm-9.12pm: Men's sprint finals, race one.
- 9.12pm-9.40pm: Women's sprint last-32.
- 9.42pm-9.50pm: Men's sprint finals, race two.
- 9.50pm-10.47pm: Men's omnium 4km individual pursuit.
- 10.47pm-10.51pm: Men's sprint finals, race three.
- 10.51pm-11.29pm: Women's sprint last-32 repechages.
- 11.42pm-12am: Men's omnium elmination race.

2016 UCI Track Cycling World Championships, Day 2 - Lee Valley VeloPark, London, England - Laura Trott (Picture:
Image: Laura Trott is targeting gold in the team pursuit and omnium (Picture:

Monday, August 15

Afternoon session: 2pm-3.17pm

- 2pm-2.19pm: Women's sprint last 16.
- 2.21pm-2.48pm: Men's omnium 1km time trial.
- 2.50pm-2.57pm: Women's sprint last-16 repechages.
- 2.59pm-3.17pm: Women's omnium 10km scratch race.

Evening session: 8pm-10.35pm

- 8pm-8.24pm: Men's omnium flying lap.
- 8.26pm-8.30pm: Women's sprint 9th-12th finals.
- 8.30pm-9.20pm: Women's omnium 3km individual pursuit.
- 9.23pm-10.15pm: Men's omnium points race.
- 10.17pm-10.35pm: Women's omnium elimination race.

Tuesday, August 16

Afternoon session: 2pm-3.50pm

- 2pm-2.16pm: Women's sprint quarter-finals, race one.
- 2.18pm-2.39pm: Men's keirin first round.
- 2.41pm-2.57pm: Women's sprint quarter-finals, race two.
- 2.57pm-3.19pm: Women's omnium 500m time trial.
- 3.19pm-3.23pm: Women's sprint quarter-finals, race three.
- 3.25pm-3.46pm: Men's keirin first-round repechages.
- 3.46pm-3.50pm: Women's sprint 5th-8th final.

Evening session: 8pm-10.30pm

- 8pm-8.08pm: Women's sprint semi-finals, race one.
- 8.10pm-8.36pm: Women's omnium flying lap.
- 8.36pm-8.44pm: Women's sprint semi-finals, race two.
- 8.46pm-8.58pm: Men's keirin second round.
- 8.58pm-9.02pm: Women's sprint semi-finals, race three.
- 9.05pm-9.42pm: Women's omnium 25km points race.
- 9.44pm-9.52pm: Women's sprint finals, race one.
- 10.04pm-10.12pm: Women's sprint finals, race two.
- 10.14pm-10.20pm: Men's keirin 7th-12th final.
- 10.20pm-10.26pm: Men's keirin 1st-6th final.
- 10.26pm-10.30pm: Women's sprint finals, race three.

Great Britain's Liam Phillips
Image: Liam Phillips will lead Britain's challenge in BMX


Wednesday, August 17

- Women's seeding run (5.30pm-5.54pm).
- Men's seeding run (6.34pm-7.22pm).

Thursday, August 18

- Men's quarter-finals (5.30pm-6.35pm).

Friday, August 19

- Men's and women's semi-finals (5.30pm-6.46pm).
- Women's final (7pm-7.05pm).
- Men's final (7.10pm-7.15pm).


Saturday, August 20

- Women's race (4.30pm-6.15pm).

Sunday, August 21

- Men's race (4.30pm-6.15pm).

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