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Danish eSport team North have announced a partnership with Adidas

North will be wearing their Adidas kit for the rest of 2018.
Image: North will be wearing their Adidas kit for the rest of 2018

North, the brainchild of F.C. Copenhagen and Nordisk Film, will see their players compete in Adidas merchandise for the remainder of 2018 with talks of a possible extension.

Adidas have previously ventured into the eSports community by sponsoring the likes of French organisation Team Vitality. But this will be the first global eSports partnership for the sportswear giants.

Sandra Essesjo, communications manager at Adidas said: "Esport in general has a fantastic community which supports and gathers people across borders. At the same time, the youth culture has a strong voice in Copenhagen.

"We believe, as a sports company, that you are able to succeed with passion, practice, motivation and support. We want to show the new generation, that we see and support what they care about, because we know how important communities are for young people.

"Furthermore, North is one of the most professional eSports brand in the world."

Christian Sorensen, North's CEO added: "It makes me extremely proud that a brand like Adidas, a first mover in many areas, has chosen to work with us."

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Christian Sorensen (credit: Jonas Kekko)
Image: Christian Sorensen, CEO of North (credit: Jonas Kekko)

North currently have two CS:GO teams and have expressed an interest in expanding into more top-tier eSports.

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