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Team USA beat Team Europe 11-9 to claim Mosconi Cup glory for first time since 2009

USA end nine-year drought as they lift Mosconi Cup in Europe for the first time in 14 years. Check out all the results below...

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Watch the winning moment as Shane van Boening nailed a 1-9 combination to win the Mosconi Cup for Team USA!

Team USA won a thrilling Mosconi Cup for the first time in eight years as they secured a dramatic 11-9 victory over Team Europe.

The annual transatlantic nine-ball showdown returned to north London at Alexandra Palace as Europe looked to maintain their stranglehold over USA having won eight in a row.

But it was the USA who found a way to win back pool's most famous trophy as Johan Ruijsink's team sealed a famous victory.

The experienced Shane van Boening was the hero as his 1-9 combination helped defeat Alexander Kazakis and win the Cup.

His team-mates Skyler Woodward, Billy Thorpe, Tyler Styer and Corey Deuel all joined in the wild celebrations.

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Van Boening, Skyler Woodward and Johan Ruijsink give their reaction to winning the Mosconi Cup

"I've never felt so much pressure in my whole life, it was a guess shot! All those years struggling and we've finally won. I'm so proud of these guys and all the fans out there," said Van Boening.

"It means a lot to me. We worked hard together and I learned a lot from all these guys and have become a better player. We all get along and respect each other and the other team and that is important and that's why we won, through working hard together."

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Skyler Woodward, who was named MVP for his leading tally of points, said: "I'm so happy that we won it! It feels great to help the team win. When one plays great, all of us play great and we couldn't have won it without each other.

"I couldn't play any worse than last year! Johan helped me out developing my stroke over the past six months and I got more committed, quit drinking and started practising more."

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Chairman Barry Hearn said he 'had a dream' when creating the Mosconi Cup 25 years ago


Match 1 Europe 5-4 USA
Match 2 Ouschan & Shaw 5-1 Thorpe & Woodward
Match 3 Niels Feijen 3-5 Tyler Styer
Match 4 Kaci & Kazakis 1-5 Van Boening & Deuel
Match 5 Jayson Shaw 0-5 Shane van Boening
Match 6: Jayson Shaw 5-2 Shane van Boening
Match 7: Feijen & Kazakis 3-5 Woodward & Van Boening
Match 8: Albin Ouschan 5-3 Corey Deuel
Match 9: Kaci & Shaw 2-5 Thorpe & Styer
Match 10: Eklent Kaci 3-5 Billy Thorpe
Match 11: Feijen & Ouschan 4-5 Woodward & Styer
Match 12: Alexander Kazakis 3-5 Skyler Woodward
Match 13: Feijen & Kaci 5-4 Deuel & Styer
Match 14: Jayson Shaw 4-5 Skyler Woodward
Match 15: Ouschan & Kazakis 5-1 Thorpe & Van Boening
Match 16 Albin Ouschan 4-5 Skyler Woodward
Match 17 Jayson Shaw 5-3 Tyler Styer
Match 18 Niels Feijen 5-1 Corey Deuel
Match 19 Eklent Kaci 5-2 Billy Thorpe
Match 20 Alex Kazakis 3-5 Shane van Boening

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Here's the best bits of the Mosconi Cup as Team USA claimed a famous win

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