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Ronnie O'Sullivan's expletive-filled outburst to be reviewed by World Snooker as Ali Carter hits back

World Snooker bosses to review Ronnie O'Sullivan's expletive-filled press conference in which he said Ali Carter, whom he beat 10-7 in the final of The Masters, was "not a nice person" and "a nightmare"; Carter insists O'Sullivan's comments "make no difference to me"

Ronnie O'Sullivan in Masters press conference (PA Images)
Image: World Snooker bosses will review Ronnie O'Sullivan's expletive-laden press conference in which he criticised Ali Carter

Ali Carter says Ronnie O'Sullivan's comments "make no difference to me" as World Snooker bosses review the Masters champion's expletive-laden press conference in London on Sunday.

O'Sullivan launched a verbal assault on Carter after hearing his opponent in the Masters final had accused him of "snotting on the floor" during his 10-7 victory at Alexandra Palace, saying Carter was "not a nice person" and "a nightmare".

Carter responded by telling ITV4: "Ronnie is entitled to his opinion. I just said what it is and how it was. I talk facts, it's as simple as that.

"It makes no difference to me what he says - he says different things on different days. I don't think he even knows what is going to come out of his mouth at certain times."

Image: O'Sullivan beat Carter 10-7 in the final of The Masters at Alexandra Palace

O'Sullivan: Why has Carter got issues with me?

O'Sullivan had said about Carter: "He needs to sort his f*****g life out. I'm not going to skirt around it anymore, tip-toeing on eggshells around someone like that. He's a f*****g nightmare.

"Playing snooker against someone like that is a nightmare. He's not a nice person. It's not a nice vibe he leaves around the table.

"I've said my piece, I don't give a s**t. I've said it now, done. You know what he's like, everybody knows what he's like. He's got issues. F*****g why has he got issues with me? I'm not having it."

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A World Snooker Tour spokesperson told the Press Association O'Sullivan's outburst was "under review".

Carter and O'Sullivan were involved in a shoulder-barge incident at the 2018 World Championship, the event in which O'Sullivan beat Carter in the final in 2008 and 2012.

Image: O'Sullivan has won 23 of his 26 matches against Carter, including in the 2008 and 2012 World Championship finals

Doherty: Not great headlines for snooker

Speaking on ITV4 during the broadcaster's coverage of the World Grand Prix in Leicester, 1997 world champion Ken Doherty said: "There is history behind it with the shoulder barge at the World Championship and it goes from there.

"It is bad blood and he was reacting to what Ali said in the press conference as well. I am sure World Snooker will review it and we'll see what happens, but not great headlines really."

Carter had criticised "morons" in the Alexandra Palace crowd after squandering a 6-3 lead against O'Sullivan in Sunday's final, saying: It's hard enough to beat [O'Sullivan].

"But when you've got people shouting when you are on your shot and saying stupid things at important times because half of them haven't got enough brains, it's ridiculous.

"There are some morons in the crowd. It is just unbelievable really."

Image: Carter slammed the Ally Pally 'morons' after his defeat to O'Sullivan in the final of The Masters

O'Sullivan to skip tournaments after World Grand Prix

O'Sullivan won his opening match at the World Grand Prix on Tuesday evening, beating China's Pang Junxu 4-2, and reiterated afterwards that he plans to take a break after the event.

Speaking to ITV4, the 48-year-old said: "I will definitely be missing a few tournaments after this.

"I shouldn't even really have come here to be honest, but it is alright so I thought I would just turn up. In hindsight, I shouldn't have come.

"The main thing for me now is exhibitions. I am contracted to 25 a year so I have got to make time for them, I have 25-30 days with my sponsors, that's two months where it is important stuff for me.

Image: O'Sullivan beat Pang Junxu 4-2 at the World Grand Prix in Leicester on Tuesday

"I just play and perform to make me get my cue out of the case basically, if I didn't have tournaments I wouldn't play.

"I would like to think if I fell off the tour I might get a wild card but knowing World Snooker they would probably say no.

"I am just trying to keep my tour card really, that's all I am trying to do. I am not bothered about tournaments, it is not my favourite bit to be fair."

O'Sullivan and Carter could meet in the final of the World Grand Prix, with Carter getting his campaign in Leicester under way with a 4-3 victory over Wu Yize.

Carter will play Mark Selby in the last 16, while O'Sullivan will take on Zhou Yuelong.

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