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NFL 2017 Pro Bowl Skills Showdown: Best moments

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Players go head to head in a series of challenges, as part of the 2017 Pro Bowl event in Orlando Florida. Video from

The NFL's top players went head to head with a range of challenges at this year's Pro Bowl. But who came out on top?

The Skills Showdown is a new addition to Pro Bowl week, with players competing for their respective conference. In the 'Hands Competition', wide receivers had to catch several passes, including one-handed and over-the-shoulder.

Also in the line up was a 'Power Relay', where four members of each conference teamed up to get through a series of speed and strength tests.

In the 'Drone Drop', receivers and cornerbacks had to catch a ball, falling from 85 feet.

There was also a 'Precision Passing' drill, where quarterbacks had to hit moving targets, which were valued differently depending on their speed, size and distance.

Five to watch in the 2017 Pro Bowl
Five to watch in the 2017 Pro Bowl

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In the final activity, the two conferences did battle on the dodgeball field. Despite some worthy performances from each conference, there could only be one winner.

To find out who came out on top in each of the challenges, as well as the overall winner, click on the video above.

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