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Dillian Whyte ahead of Tyson Fury fight: 'People wrote me off but I'm still here', 'Fury not giant superstar'

Dillian Whyte says "Tyson Fury is not this massive giant superstar everyone says he is" ahead of pair's world-title clash at sold-out Wembley on Saturday night; Whyte set to be at Wednesday's press conference after no-showing Tuesday's open workout

Dillian Whyte
Image: Dillian Whyte will challenge Tyson Fury for the WBC heavyweight title at Wembley Stadium on Saturday night

Dillian Whyte is relishing his world-title fight with Tyson Fury after previously being "written off" - and says he will go face to face with his opponent ahead of Saturday's showdown after no-showing Tuesday's public workout.

Whyte, whose two professional defeats came against Anthony Joshua and Alexander Povetkin, will challenge the unbeaten Fury for his WBC heavyweight belt at a sold-out Wembley Stadium.

The 34-year-old believes he is one of the chief reasons over 90,000 people have purchased tickets for the event, saying "Tyson Fury is not this massive giant superstar everyone says he is."

Whyte opted out of the workout at Wembley having also missed the fight's ticket launch earlier this year but is set to appear at Wednesday's press conference after landing in London.

Whyte told Sky Sports: "I've got nothing to lose, that's my mindset. I'm not a Gypsy King, I'm just little old me. He is a bigger star than me at the minute but I am also a big star in my right.

Tyson Fury
Image: Fury is unbeaten in 32 fights, with 31 wins and a draw

"I don't care what people say or think about me, I never have. That's why I'm still here. People said I was done after two losses, they wrote me off both times. I am still here.

"Three great fights [for Fury] against Deontay Wilder and none of them have been completely sold out.

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"Tyson Fury is not this massive giant superstar everyone says he is, he's not. The fight at Wembley is sold out because it's Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte not Tyson Fury and someone else.

"There has been a lot of craziness in the build-up. Me and my team tried to get stuff done in advance but the other team wasn't as cooperative. Now we seem to be getting there.

'I am not here to jump to Tyson Fury's tune'

"It's a shame it has gone down to the wire as we could have made it a major event but this is boxing and nothing surprises me.

"I am a professional. I do my job. If things we where they needed to be and they weren't trying to play silly b*****s I would have been face to face a long [with Fury] a long time ago. I am not here to jump to Tyson Fury's tune, we have to jump to the same tune."

Dillian Whyte
Image: Whyte's professional record is 28-2

On the fight itself, Whyte added: "I am probably more chilled and relaxed than in previous fight build-ups. I have worked hard, I have put myself through hell to get here.

"I don't need months of, 'I'm going to smash his face in'. I don't care about that. It takes me a split second to turn nasty.

"Tyson has this new style where he is trying to mix so it makes for a great fight. There is unpredictability. One of us is going to get knocked out.

"He is a good boxer, a big guy who can punch. I can punch, I am a good boxer when I want to box but I like fighting. I have do what I do, listen to my coach and apply the game-plan we have worked on.

"The key for me is to be adaptable and quick-witted - when I need to fight, when I need to disengage, when I need to go on the offence, when I need to be smart defensively and offensively."

Why did Whyte no-show the open workout?

Sky Sports head of boxing, Adam Smith:

He has been a no-show throughout the build-up and he wasn't happy originally with the contractual situation - he didn't come to the first press conference at Wembley which Tyson did on his own.

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Whyte did not attend the open media workout ahead of his huge Wembley clash with Tyson Fury

I know Dillian very well and his team and he has been training ferociously hard out in the Algarve and looking back to the many fights we have had with him on Sky, he tends to come in on a Tuesday.

He has arrived today [Tuesday] and I'm sure he will attend the press conference on Wednesday and that he and Fury will come face to face for the first time. I am looking forward to gauging Dillian and his state of mind.

I think he is ready. He is up for this, this is his golden opportunity and he has waited a thousand days for it. He deserves his chance.

Tyson starts as big favourite but you know what Dillian can do, that big left hand. He is a warrior. You write him off at your peril. He is a much-improved fighter since that fight against Anthony Joshua.

Does he have the natural boxing ability Tyson has? No - but he has learned and improved time after time. He is tough, hard, has power and is a difficult man to pin down.

Remember, Tyson has been a down a few times and we don't know what the third Fury-Deontay Wilder has taken out of him. As I say, Tyson starts favourite but we have seen bigger upsets before.

He and Tyson go way back. They know each other and despite all the acrimonious chat, they respect each other deep.

Tyson Fury (Associated Press)
Image: Fury operated in southpaw during an open workout ahead of his fight with Whyte

Fury sharp at public workout

Sky Sports' Cameron Hogwood:

A beaming but focused Tyson Fury treated fans to an extensive workout as he continued his final preparations for Saturday's all-British title fight with Dillian Whyte at Wembley.

The WBC champion had the stage to himself at BoxPark following the late news that Whyte would not be attending the public workout.

Whyte, who broke a media silence during the build-up to the fight just last week, had been due to fly back from his training camp in Portugal.

The pair are set to meet for the first time at Wednesday's press conference after Whyte's absence at the ticket launch event earlier this year had famously left Fury staring off with a billboard of his opponent.

In a call with world media last Thursday, Fury reaffirmed that he has no intention of underestimating mandatory challenger Whyte, and as much was evident on Tuesday as he and trainer SugarHill Steward went through three rounds of detailed pad work.

Fury, back in the ring this weekend for the first time since icing his epic trilogy against Deontay Wilder, operated in southpaw throughout in another reminder of the versatility coming Whyte's way.

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Joseph Parker says Fury has looked fantastic in camp and will stop Whyte between the fifth and ninth rounds.

"Big shout out to everybody for coming today and everybody who bought a ticket for the fight Saturday," said Fury, addressing the fans that had purchased a ticket to attend the workout.

"My promise is you're going to see an excellent fight. Dillian has been training hard in Portugal, he's bringing his A game and he's going to be fighting the best Tyson Fury, I hope I'm going to fight the best Dillian Whyte.

"We're going to give the fans a real treat because you've got two top heavyweights in the world that are going to smash each other to bits. There's going to be fireworks. One of us is going to get knocked out first, it ain't going to be me!"

The 33-year-old had been met by loud cheers upon his entrance while his father Peter exclaimed from ringside: "You're the best in the world, son!"

Joseph Parker was also present in support of Fury, as was Otto Wallin, who was pulled up into the ring by his former opponent-turned-friend.

Earlier in the day Fury's brother Tommy had also taken to the ring ahead of his clash with Daniel Bocianski.

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