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Ricky Hatton on his greatest battles, inside and outside of the ring | 'I felt like I'd let the country down'

A new revelatory documentary Hatton charts the voyage of Ricky Hatton from his beginnings on the Hattersley estate to his electrifying headline appearances on the Las Vegas strip; watch Liam Smith vs Chris Eubank Jr II live on Sky Sports Box Office on Saturday

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British boxing legend Ricky Hatton believes a heavier Chris Eubank Jr will make for a better fight in his rematch against Liam Smith.

Ricky Hatton provides a raw and captivating insight into his life in a new documentary.

The Sky original film Hatton is released on Thursday. It traces his voyage from his humble beginnings on the Hattersley estate to his electrifying headline appearances on the Las Vegas strip. A tale of triumph and turmoil, Hatton paints an intimate portrait of a sporting hero marked by brilliance and imperfections.

In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Ricky Hatton offered his perspective on the documentary and discussed his battles with mental health, the peaks and valleys of his career, and the upcoming rematch between Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr set to take place at the AO Arena in Manchester on September 2.

Image: Hatton's great triumph came against Kostya Tszyu at the Manchester Arena

Watching his life unfold on screen had an emotional impact. "It was very hard, but I think it was very enjoyable as well because there's a story to tell. Everybody knows about my mental health. But I don't think anyone knew in-depth how bad it was because it was pretty horrific," he told Sky Sports.

Hatton's battle with mental health didn't emerge solely in the aftermath of his May 2009 showdown with Manny Pacquiao, which he lost via KO in round two. The documentary sheds light on the internal struggles he faced even when he was at the pinnacle of the sport.

"I always had something there from day one, a bit of paranoia, a lack of confidence in myself," Hatton disclosed.

In December 2007 'The Hitman' had boxed another legend of the sport, challenging Floyd Mayweather and suffering a 10th round stoppage loss. He struggled in the aftermath.

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Ricky Hatton
Image: Hatton has struggled with a host of issues outside of boxing

Hatton said: "The Mayweather fight came, and I felt like I'd let the country down. I told everyone I was going to win, and I didn't. I couldn't leave the house. It [his mental health problems] was always there from day one. I think after the Mayweather fight it triggered.

"I had lots of fights after the Mayweather fight where I was dealing with mental health. Then it went into overdrive after the Pacquiao fight when I had to hang the gloves up and fell out with practically everyone in my life."

The film also uncovers Hatton's journey to self-acceptance, a path that led him to a place of contentment. "I'd love to turn the clock back and be fighting for world titles still and taking everyone to Vegas. But when you've been through what I've been through, I've looked death in the face, I feel very happy and very content with my life now," Hatton shared.

Amid the revealing personal accounts, Hatton's crowning moments shine through. His triumph over Kostya Tszyu, a fight many considered unwinnable for him at the time, remains a cherished highlight.

Image: Hatton tells his story in a new Sky documentary

"It was an absolutely brutal fight. Then the sportsmanship that we both showed after. Me grabbing the mic, congratulating him and him saying: 'I'll be your friend, if you need me for any advice Ricky'," Hatton recalled.

He remains a source of inspiration for both boxing enthusiasts and those who have faced their own battles. "To box on the council estate, the local school, and all my mates that I went to school with are watching my name up in lights in Las Vegas," Hatton said. "It was end of the rainbow stuff, it was fairy-tale stuff."

His film is an intimate portrayal of a boxing great's journey - one that encompasses both the exhilarating victories and the arduous battles fought beyond the ring.

Hatton on Smith vs Eubank II

No one understands the significance of a big fight at the Manchester Arena more than Hatton. The venue was the scene of his greatest triumphs and on Saturday Liam Smith will rematch Chris Eubank Jr there.

Smith handed Eubank his first stoppage defeat in the first fight, and Hatton said: "Liam's battle hardened, he's got the experience.

"Chris was having his successes early in the fight, it was shaping up quite well. But Liam got him in the corner, sustained his attack and got him out of there."

He believes Smith will win the second fight. "But I don't think it'll be a foregone conclusion," he said. "I think this one will be a lot closer and Liam needs to realise that.

"He's got to prepare for a war this time."

Liam Smith vs Chris Eubank Jr II is live on Sky Sports Box Office on Saturday. Book it now

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