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Lauren Price: 'Lolita Muzeya is going to swing, she’s going to try to knock me out!'

Olympic gold medallist Lauren Price is in action on Saturday at the AO Arena in Manchester against 18-1 former middleweight world title challenger Lolita Muzeya, who is coming into the fight full of bad intentions

Image: Lauren Price laughs off Lolita Muzeya's threats (Photo: Lawrence Lustig/BOXXER)

Lauren Price has seen a lot in boxing. As an amateur she won World championships in Russia, the Europeans in Belarus, not to mention the Olympic Games in Japan. She’s seen near enough every style of opponent.

But she's not used to the opposition getting in her face and threatening knockouts.

Price didn't quite understand Lolita Muzeya's jibes initially when they faced off ahead of their fight tonight at the AO Arena in Manchester. When she did realise what was happening Price couldn't help but laugh.

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Lauren Price put on a dominant display to defeat Kirstie Bavington and become the first professional British champion in women's boxing.

"I didn't know what she was on about first of all. I'm so laidback," Price told Sky Sports. "I'm not one to trash talk and stuff like that. It is what it is.

"It's not something I take any notice of really."

Price though does know her opponent will be coming at her with bad intentions in the contest. Muzeya is a former world title challenger who has only lost to Savannah Marshall at middleweight. She is a natural welter, like Price, and has an 18-1 record.

"I know from round one she's going to come, she's going to swing, she's going to try to take my head off, knock me out," Price said.

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"But for me I've just got to listen to Rob [McCracken, her trainer], defend, use my feet, use my counters and break her down round by round. Obviously I believe in my boxing ability. It's just another opponent to me. I just want to get in and the job done.

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Lauren Price says it's an honour to win the first ever women's British title, after defeating Kirstie Bavington in Birmingham.

"Looking at her record as well, she's a step up. You look, Savannah headlined against her two fights ago. For me, I just believe in myself. I know what I'm capable of. I think the first two rounds she's going to come and have a go and then settle into it.

"As long as I keep my calm and my composure I'll be fine. Just got to stick to my gameplan."

Price is ambitious. IBF welterweight world champion Natasha Jonas is in her sights, or indeed high-profile American Mikaela Mayer.

"I'd love the Natasha Jonas fight," the Olympic champion said. "My name's been mentioned to [Mayer]. I don't think she wants [the fight].

"I haven't got a title so I can see why she's going for Tash, she's got a belt. But let's see what happens.

"I believe in myself and I believe I can be at the top fighting for world titles."

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