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Anthony Joshua reveals his hopes and fears for 2014

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Anthony Joshua is driven by a fear of failure as he pursues his ambitious plans for the future.

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Outside of the ropes, Joshua exudes a calm demeanour, showing none of the aggressive tendencies that he displays in the heat of battle. But Joshua dismisses suggestions that he is maybe too nice and will show his nasty side if an opponent chooses to provoke him. "As a competitor and a fighter, pride comes in and if someone disrespects you, you don't back down," he said. "No-one disrespects me. Everyone I meet is friendly so I have no reason to be negative towards them. If someone brings that character out of me, you'll see the worst of me. "People see the best of me because they approach me with respect I show them respect and you treat people how you want to be treated." Another Olympic medallist Deontay Wilder, who took bronze in 2008, has caused a stir in the top division with a streak of 30 stoppage wins. The American demolished another GB gold winner, Audley Harrison, inside the first round in April, as he continued his march towards a world title shot. Joshua is willing to face the fearsome puncher once he rises up the rankings, but firstly must test his skills in a thriving domestic division, topped by the likes of Tyson Fury, Dereck Chisora and David Haye.


"If Wilder is champion and I progress to where I plan to, then I could probably see me and him competing sometime in the future," said Joshua. "You can only beat who is in front of you and he's doing it in spectacular fashion. "I don't want to jump overseas and look at Wilder and these guys. Obviously I do study them and I'm very familiar with Wilder and American opponents, but there is a high level of competition in Britain right on my doorstep to conquer to become British champion and European champion." Ukrainian brothers Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko had a tight grip on the division for many years after collecting all of the world titles. But Vitali recently released the main WBC belt to pursue a career in politics and Joshua hopes to make a name for himself in the new heavyweight era. The London hero of last summer has stepped onto the big stage in 2013, with an audience awaiting his rise or fall, and he intends to bring more glory to British boxing in the years ahead "I feel there's a big gap, especially being a British fighter and a good competitor," he said. "A good challenger, contender can come through and rise up the ranks. Bring some stardom back to British boxing and heavyweight boxing. The Klitschkos have dominated for so long. "I've got a chance to create my own history. That's what I'm working towards."

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