The Golden Contract: Ryan Walsh happy to be picked after a career of being 'avoided'

Golden Contract
Image: Watch The Golden Contract on Friday at 8pm, live on Sky Sports Action

Ryan Walsh has vowed to claim "the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" by winning The Golden Contract.

Live Boxing: Golden Contract

Golden Contract Featherweight Draw

Leigh Wood vs David Oliver Joyce
Jazza Dickens vs Carlos Ramos
Hairon Socarras vs Ryan Walsh
Tyrone McCullagh vs Carlos Araujoย 

Walsh was hand-picked as the opponent by Hairon Soccaras, the unbeaten Cuban visitor, as the unique tournament kicks off on Friday at 8pm, live on Sky Sports Action.

"Anyone who knows my career knows that I don't get picked, I get avoided," Walsh said.

"I've been challenged. Someone has decided 'you are easy'."

Walsh has been British featherweight champion for four years, and believes The Golden Contract is a route to even bigger things.

"To be a British champion for this long doesn't happen," Walsh said. "To have two mandatories pull out doesn't happen. This a golden opportunity, a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow."

Soccaras said: "Why pick him? Why not. To be the best you have to fight the best. He is the best so I have to show my skills."

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Leigh Wood chose David Oliver Joyce, and said: "I could have picked an easier fight. This kid is a betting favourite but if I win, I go back to Nottingham as a hero. It's a risky choice, a roll of the dice."

Jazza Dickens reacted to picking Carlos Ramos: "He is the EU champion and I will take that title. Anyone in my shoes would not say no."

Tyrone McCullagh said about his opponent Carlos Araujo: "Look at Carlos' record, 15-1. He is obviously dangerous. He was picked last for a reason. I am hard to hit.

Araujo replied: "I will bring Mexican style. I will leave my body and soul in the ring."

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