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Dillian Whyte vs Francis Ngannou? UFC star says 'yes I would have a boxing match against 'the top heavyweights'

"Whoever is possible and whenever is possible - I am always confident in my power"

Could Ngannou fight Whyte?
Image: Could Ngannou fight Whyte?

UFC knockout machine Francis Ngannou would step into the boxing ring but has questioned if Dillian Whyte would dare have another MMA fight.

Ngannou has smashed four opponents in a row in just 45 seconds, 26 seconds, 71 seconds and, this month, 20 seconds.

The heavy-handed Ngannou is open to following UFC superstar Conor McGregor's lead by making a high-profile boxing debut.

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Chael Sonnen: Ngannou should not go to boxing
 at Cadillac Arena on November 22, 2018 in Beijing, China.
Image: Cameroon-born contender caught Whyte's eye

The France-based heavyweight's top target is Tyson Fury and he also told Sky Sports: "I know Anthony Joshua but Dillian Whyte? I only heard about him when people sent me articles about him. I didn't know him before."

Whyte has previously told Sky Sports about Ngannou: "I ain't got no beef with the guy. He's one of the top heavyweights, and I think I'll knock him out. It's not like I hate him, or I dislike him."

Ngannou replied: "Everyone says what they want. I don't think anything about that.

"If he wants to fight MMA we will find out.

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"Yes, I would have a boxing match. Whoever is possible and whenever is possible. The top heavyweights.

"I am always confident in my power. I have no doubts with my power."

He said about knocking out Jairzinho Rozenstruik in just 20 seconds behind closed doors at the UFC's return: "It just came, so I took it. I expected it to happen. It comes naturally."

Ngannou met boxing legend Mike Tyson, who is teasing his own comeback aged 53, after his latest explosive performance.

Ngannou said of Tyson returning to the ring: "It depends against who, that is the problem. He clearly has the skill for it. If he fights Evander Holyfield in an exhibition fight then he can do it, but we have to remember he isn't young anymore.

"Tyson is my idol. To meet him was just great. For me, he is the G.O.A.T.

"He is the best heavyweight of all time.

"He gave me some tips on how to fight big guys."

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Whyte’s clash with Alexander Povetkin is set to be held behind closed doors

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Whyte suggested staging his rearranged fight with Povetkin in a car park!

WBC 'interim' champion Whyte, the mandatory challenger to Fury's WBC heavyweight belt, will next face Alexander Povetkin in an expected behind-closed-doors event in the UK.

But he is no stranger to an MMA fight - in 2008, before his professional boxing debut, Whyte knocked out opponent Mark Stroud in just 12 seconds, and he would emerge victorious from a handful of bouts.

"It was just maximum violence, I loved it," Whyte told Sky Sports.

"It was just something different, a different challenge for me."

"I spent a lot of time working on takedown defence, because a lot of good strikers in the history of MMA, they had a good takedown defence. They didn't need to go to the ground, like Chuck Liddell.

"He didn't go to the ground for years. Anyone who tried to take him down, he just kept it moving, just defend and then finish the fight with striking, because in MMA, if you've got good accurate striking, it gives you a massive advantage.

"We were expecting this guy to take the fight to the ground and then the bell goes and the guy comes out standing and trading, so I was like, oh s***, this is good."

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