Buatsi vs Calic: Alen Babic promises another crushing victory over Niall Kennedy on Sunday

Watch Babic vs Kennedy on the Buatsi-Calic bill on Sunday night, live on Sky Sports

Alen  Babic
Image: Alen Babic vowed to produce another knockout win over Niall Kennedy

Alen Babic contained his combustible temper in the final press conference, but still admitted that he plans to inflict a punishing defeat on Niall Kennedy.

The Croatian heavyweight, nicknamed 'The Savage', is hunting another knockout win over Ireland's Kennedy on the Joshua Buatsi-Marko Calic bill on Sunday night, live on Sky Sports.

Babic became embroiled in a furious verbal exchange with Shawndell Winters before demolishing the American in the second round in August, but he remained calm with Kennedy before issuing a destructive prediction.

Alen Babic
Image: Babic is nicknamed 'The Savage' due to his aggressive style
Alen Babic 0:29
Babic blasted aside Shawndell Winters in Fight Camp

"I have a lot of Irish fans," said Babic. "A lot of them messaged me: 'Please, be good to Niall, he's a good man'.

"I see that and it's going to be hard to activate 'The Savage,' he's such a nice man. I don't want to hurt him, but I will do that in the ring, I will have to do it.

"But I'm not going to say nothing bad about him now, because I do respect him and I have a lot of respect for boxing.

"I don't see him beating me, honestly. I think he's [an] average boxer at best. It's just my opinion. He could be much better than that."

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Niall Kennedy
Image: Kennedy is confident he can tame the Croatian

Kennedy insists he seized the opportunity to battle Babic, despite his opponent's aggressive reputation, as the 36-year-old is confident that he can emerge with victory from an explosive encounter.

"Look, I'm coming over here to win and when I beat Alen, I move on and it will be seen by loads of people because of this man," said Kennedy.

"It will be interesting, it will be fun. I'm not going to have to send a search team, to be fair to him.

"I'm not going to have to look for you. He won't have to look for me. It will be exciting."

Watch Babic vs Kennedy on the Joshua Buatsi-Marko Calic bill on Sunday from 7pm, live on Sky Sports.

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