Tyson Fury's father names Jared Anderson as 'next big thing' - everything you need to know about US prodigy

John Fury on his son Tyson: "He will defend those belts until he can't defend them anymore, until there are no more heavyweights in the top 20. Tyson will go on for as long as he wants. At the moment he has an insatiable appetite for boxing."

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury 0:58
Joshua vs Fury negotiations update by John Fury

Tyson Fury's father John insists Jared Anderson will be the next heavyweight ruler, after his son leaves the sport.

WBC champion Fury and IBF, WBA and WBO titleholder Anthony Joshua are set to finalise an undisputed title fight but John Fury has warned it won't be enough to end his son's unbeaten record.

He has instead named Anderson, an American prospect, as a heavyweight capable of inheriting Fury's crown because he believes the current crop aren't up to it.

Jared Anderson
Image: Jared Anderson has been tipped as a future champion by John Fury
Anderson stopped Langston in three rounds
Image: Anderson is a former sparring partner for Tyson Fury

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Asked if his son would ever lose, John Fury told Sky Sports: "Not in this era, no. Not unless Muhammad Ali, Marvin Hagler, Ernie Shavers, 'Sugar Ray' Leonard, Tommy Hearns, Roberto Duran and Floyd Mayweather all rolled into one!

"They aren't going to beat him. You can see the crop of heavyweights - they are all good, but not in Tyson's class.

"Tyson is out there on his own. Unless there is a fighter born, who comes out of nowhere with an amazing talent, but I've not seen him yet.

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"There's one - Jared Anderson. He's an unbeaten heavyweight with [promoter] Bob Arum.

"I do believe he can be the next big thing when Tyson is gone.

"But the kid is only 21-years-old. He's got a bit to do yet.

"He's the only one who stands out for me. All these other guys? They are all on the same par."

Who is Jared Anderson?

Anderson, from Ohio, has won his first nine fights - he scored a highlight reel knockout against Kingsley Ibeh earlier this year which blended his swift defence and clubbing power in one electric exchange.

The exciting talent, promoted by Top Rank, was a crucial sparring partner for Fury in the build-up to the Deontay Wilder rematch.

Jared Anderson
Image: Jared Anderson is an undefeated 21-year-old American
Anderson has won all four of his fights
Image: Anderson has won all nine of his fights by knockout

"If you can hit me, then you've got some speed and technique," Anderson told Sky Sports at the time.

"He knew that if he could hit me, he could definitely hit Wilder."

Anderson described his style: "Elusive, quick, sharp. I am not the biggest or strongest but I'm always in front of you, throwing punches."

How long will Tyson Fury reign for?

John Fury told Sky Sports about his son's plans: "There's more to it than just AJ. I want him to defend his belts when he gets them, against all comers.

"You've got to be active to do that. We need to get him out there, active, defending those belts.

"If we can put the fight on in June, July, August he will take on all comers. He will defend those belts until he can't defend them anymore, until there are no more heavyweights in the top 20.

Anthony Joshua 1:16
John Fury says Joshua would only have a 'puncher's chance' against Tyson Fury

"He will be victorious if he listens to what I say, and not other people.

"Tyson will go on for as long as he wants. At the moment he has an insatiable appetite for boxing.

"He has been reborn in the sport at the age of 32.

"He wants to prove to the world that he can reign supreme so everybody can eat their words.

"That's what motivates Tyson.

"All these negative people saying 'he can't do this or that' since the start of his career. He's [unbeaten in 31].

Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder
Image: Fury hasn't fought since beating Deontay Wilder in February 2020

"What more can a man do? He won everything as an amateur except an Olympic gold medal because he never had a chance to try for it. As a professional he's won everything there is. He could walk away tomorrow and say: 'Right, that's it!'

"He's had an amazing career.

"If he didn't want it, he'd be out the game.

"But he wants to prove people wrong - that he is the No 1, supreme, dominant heavyweight in the world today.

"The facts are there. If people want to be blind and let their heart rule their head? That's up to them but I know the truth.

"It will take a lot better than AJ to beat Tyson. He's only getting better and he's only 32."

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