Tyson Fury's meeting with Andy Ruiz Jr revealed: Faith, life, family, their struggles and Anthony Joshua discussed

"It was a really special moment. Andy Ruiz Jr was inspired by Tyson Fury’s comeback. And Tyson thinks Andy has great skills and ability," says Jorge Capetillo

Andy Ruiz, Tyson Fury, Jorge Capetillo
Image: Tyson Fury and Andy Ruiz Jr were brought together last weekend in Las Vegas by Jorge Capetillo (right), who shares a strong bond with both heavyweights

"Tyson said: 'Look at you, chubby!'"

This was the moment that the only man to defeat Anthony Joshua met the next man to try.

"But Andy is in great shape now. They were making fun."

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Tyson Fury
Image: Ruiz takes a photo of Fury

Tyson Fury and Andy Ruiz Jr were brought together last weekend in Las Vegas by Jorge Capetillo, the trainer who shares a strong bond with both heavyweights.

Fury and Ruiz Jr discussed charity, their mental health struggles after reaching boxing's mountain top then crashing down suddenly, and their families. They also briefly mentioned one other thing.


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"Tyson told Andy: 'You were the first man to beat Joshua and now it will be my time too'," Capetillo tells Sky Sports.

"Andy beat him. He knows.

"Andy truly believes Tyson will smash Joshua. I believe Fury has the bigger heart, more IQ and is the more skilful fighter."

WBC champion Fury and IBF, WBA and WBO holder Joshua's clash to crown a historic undisputed heavyweight champion is in the final stages of negotiations, awaiting a firm date and location.

Ruiz Jr, meanwhile, makes his comeback against Chris Arreola next Saturday night - his first fight since conceding back to Joshua the titles that he shockingly won six months earlier. He has shed notable weight since blaming "partying" for losing the Joshua rematch.

Ruiz and Fury pray together
Image: Ruiz and Fury pray together

But Fury and Ruiz Jr's first-ever meet was about Project Hope, a charity initiative that both men were keen to support.

"Tyson and Andy put on a great event, giving away shoes, toys and food to the community," Capetillo says. "It was incredible to see people touched by their love.

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to have them both - the best heavyweight of our era and the first-ever Mexican heavyweight champion.

"It was something from my heart. I talked to Andy first. Then Tyson arrived. I introduced them - we were on the same page with the same feelings.

"It was a really special moment. Andy was inspired by Tyson's comeback. And Tyson thinks Andy has great skills and ability.

"They spoke about their mental health, about their shared experience of being on top when everything comes easy to you. They shared experiences, knowledge and love."

Fury and Ruiz Jr are also bonded by their faith - Fury posted a Bible passage that was, cryptically, from the Joshua 1:9 verse.

Capetillo is switching between Vegas where Fury is using his gym alongside Jesse Magdaleno, Gabriel Flores, Shakur Stevenson, and San Diego where Ruiz Jr is part of Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez's stable.

The doors to Capetillo's gym were kept open through the pandemic by generosity from Fury and Ruiz Jr, both of whom share a special connection with him.

He has known Ruiz Jr for years and previously said: "I can see he is more calm with his family. He is getting back on track, especially mentally."

And Capetillo was the cut-man who held together a terrible wound on Fury in the fight with Otto Wallin which briefly threatened his unbeaten record.

Fury has asked him to be a part of the corner for the Joshua fight, Capetillo says.

That will result in an evolution of Fury's corner - when Capetillo was previously involved, Ben Davison was the head trainer, but now Sugarhill Steward is in charge.

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John Fury says Anthony Joshua would only have a 'puncher's chance' against his son

Capetillo says about working with Fury in the gym recently: "He's in tremendous shape. He could fight in six weeks. He has 14 months of work behind him.

"He looks strong, fast, explosive. You can see on the pads - I felt like I was working with a lightweight."

Fury's link-up with trainer Steward and his destruction of Deontay Wilder displayed a new, power-punching style which Capetillo insists is being honed to face Joshua.

"He sits down more on his punches and has a good balance. Tyson is a tall man so he needs to sit to develop great power."

There was no specific advice given by the only man to beat Joshua to the next man to attempt it. Fury would never ask, Ruiz Jr would never offer. But their meeting is a reminder of Joshua's shock downfall and how the plan is progressing to conquer him again.

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