Dillian Whyte issues fresh challenge to Francis Ngannou and would allow UFC champion to choose boxing or MMA rules

"I'll come in there to knock him out, whether it's in MMA or boxing. The guy knows for a fact," Dillian Whyte still wants to fight Francis Ngannou and says UFC champion can choose a boxing ring or MMA cage

Dillian Whyte
Image: Dillian Whyte is willing to face Francis Ngannou in his next fight

Dillian Whyte has challenged Francis Ngannou to a 'real fight' and remains willing to face the UFC heavyweight champion in a boxing ring or an MMA cage.

Whyte has renewed his interest in a potential fight against Ngannou after regaining the WBC 'interim' heavyweight title with a knockout victory over Alexander Povetkin in last month's rematch.

The UFC halted discussions between Whyte and Ngannou last year, but Brixton's 'Body Snatcher' wants to strike a deal by allowing the Cameroonian to choose which combat code he wants.

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Whyte made his MMA debut in 2008, knocking out his opponent in just 12 seconds!
Could Ngannou fight Whyte?
Image: Could Ngannou fight Whyte?

"If Ngannou wants a fight tomorrow, I'll fight him tomorrow," Whyte told Sky Sports.

"I want to make it fair. I know some other boxers want to fight an MMA guy.

"I believe I can beat him in both styles. I can beat him in MMA and in boxing. I don't think he's anything special, whichever they want.

"The guy is scared, so if doing MMA makes him feel better. If we have a fight in the cage first, he might take it, but if we offer him a boxing fight, then he might say, 'No, no, no.'

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"If he wants it, he can get it."

Whyte held a press conference with Ngannou, which was never broadcasted, but is happy to air his opinions about 'The Predator.'

Francis Ngannou
Image: Whyte has reignited his war of words with Ngannou

"I've already beaten him outside the ring when we recorded a head to head last year," he said.

"He's very fragile. He calls himself 'The Predator' but he should be called 'The Pacifier' because he's a real dummy and a cry baby.

"Afterwards he ran to his boss Dana White, pleading to get it pulled. He was terrified of actually fighting me after he had a meltdown on air. Pathetic."

Ngannou, who stopped Stipe Miocic to claim the UFC heavyweight crown in March, has most recently been linked with a fight against WBC champion Tyson Fury.

Whyte has proven his own striking skills on the kickboxing circuit, training alongside the likes of Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson, and he mocked footage of Fury's MMA sessions.

"He's calling out Fury and Joshua when they're meant to be fighting each other. I'm free to fight so let's have a real fight," said Whyte, who won kickboxing titles before taking up boxing.

"There's no way on this planet he can stand and trade with me in the ring or the cage.

"Forget Fury. He says 'I'm a fighting man, I'll fight you anywhere.' You will never fight in a cage, because you're a coward. This is MMA not WWE. You have run away from fighting me time and again in a boxing ring. You will never fight in a cage but if you want to, let's do it.

"I've seen the MMA training that Fury did. It was like my son messing about in the house. My son actually throws better combinations than him in MMA.

"He [Ngannou] knows me. I'll come in there to knock him out, whether it's in MMA or boxing. The guy knows for a fact. I'm not just some guy talking s**t.

"The guy is a good fighter. To be a UFC heavyweight champion is no easy task, but there's levels.

"I've beaten better guys than him when I was kickboxing. Obviously, he's a big, strong guy and that's all he relies on.

"As a boxer, I don't rate him at all as a boxer. He can't box to save his life. I will deal with him easily. If I fought him, I'd knock him out in the first round.

"He is MMA's zombie. He is a big, strong guy and a lot of big, strong guys are like that. They are a bit stupid.

"Any time, any place, Ngannou can have it. Sadly, he's just another hype job and it 'Ngannou' happen."

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