Deontay Wilder has more than 'one weapon' for world title fight with Tyson Fury, says head trainer Malik Scott

"Deontay Wilder can do it all. I made sure we drilled him with intent," head trainer Malik Scott is confident the American can produce a stunning revenge victory over Tyson Fury in Las Vegas this weekend

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The war of words continued between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder at the final press conference

Deontay Wilder now has more 'weapons' to topple Tyson Fury in their third world heavyweight title fight, says the American's new head trainer Malik Scott.

Wilder will attempt to regain the WBC title in this weekend's fight with Fury, who inflicted a seventh-round stoppage loss in their rematch last February.

But Scott believes the 'Bronze Bomber' is an even more threatening proposition after he took a leading role in the training camp.

Deontay Wilder, Malik Scott
Image: Wilder has teamed up with new head trainer Malik Scott

"I'm a student of the game obviously," his new trainer said at the final press conference.

"Deontay, in my opinion, has ruled the heavyweight division, had 10 defences and was just using one weapon, and on certain occasions he'd use two or three. He got content with knocking people out with one weapon which was the right hand.

"What I did was I went to his toolbox and pulled everything out that he does well. Deontay Wilder can do it all. I just pulled a lot of stuff out of him in training camp. I made sure we drilled him with intent."

Wilder is confident he made the right decision in picking Scott, a former opponent, to oversee his corner in Las Vegas.

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Wilder has also predicted an explosive victory

"I trust my brother with my life as he trusts me with his. I'd give my shirt off my back as he would for me. That's how it's always been from the first connection," he said.

"Even when we fought each other, it brought us even closer than ever. In boxing, you need people that you can trust in this sport.

"This is a money-driven sport. You just never know who may be jealous, who may envy you in certain ways."

Wilder shared a controversial draw with Fury in their first fight in 2018, with many believing the British star had done enough to warrant the decision.

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Fury cannot wait to 'knock Wilder spark out' on Saturday

Fury decided to alter his tactics for the rematch, linking up with trainer Sugarhill Steward, who insists the 33-year-old can be even more dominant in the trilogy clash.

"Tyson Fury being ready is unstoppable. Tyson Fury is very conscious of Deontay Wilder," said Steward.

"It's just being sharp, it's just staying focused and it's also just learning. There's always something to learn in boxing. Tyson is enjoying learning and having fun with it.

"Trying to be the best, being perfect at what you do, that just makes for a better Tyson Fury. I'm excited for this Saturday coming up."

Tyson Fury, Sugarhill Steward
Image: Fury is having his second fight with Sugarhill Steward in the corner

Fury has hailed the influence of Steward ahead of a career-defining night at the T-Mobile Arena.

"We've got a great bond going on. To have any successful relationship you've got to have good communication and that's the most important thing in our lives. Me and Sugarhill have got that," said Fury.

"We've got similar personalities. It's not easy for me to pick a trainer because I do outlandish things, I'm outspoken, I do all this stuff and I've got to have someone on the same wavelength and personality factor to match that in order to be able to train me. I've definitely found a match with Sugarhill."

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