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Chris Eubank Jr says it's 'not right' to fight Conor Benn before Liam Smith despite 'millions' on offer

A huge night of action is coming to Sky Sports Box Office when Liam Smith reignites his intense rivalry with Chris Eubank Jr and Savannah Marshall challenges Franchon Crews-Dezurn for the undisputed super-middleweight title on July 1; rising star Ben Whittaker will join the bill

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Chris Eubank Jr has admitted his 'career is on the line' in the rematch against British rival Liam Smith on July 1

Chris Eubank Jr has revealed that he did consider boxing Conor Benn next, but couldn't bring himself to do it despite the "millions and millions" on offer.

Benn's failed drug tests prevented him from fighting Eubank Jr last year. They were scheduled to box at a catchweight in October but that contest was prohibited when it transpired Benn had twice tested positive for clomifene.

Eubank Jr instead fought Liam Smith in January, an exciting collision which he lost inside four rounds.

He subsequently activated his rematch clause with Smith but revealed that he had considered fighting Conor Benn.

The UK Anti-Doping Agency has now formally charged Conor Benn over his failed drugs tests and provisionally suspended him from boxing.

But Benn stated last month that he believes he is "free to fight in events that are not sanctioned by the BBBoC (British Boxing Board of Control)".

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Eubank Jr insists he hasn't questioned his punch resistance following his defeat to Smith

Eubank Jr said he didn't have to take the Smith rematch and that he did receive a substantial offer to fight Benn.

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"I definitely considered fighting Conor Benn next," Eubank told Sky Sports. "Because when somebody puts millions and millions and millions of pounds in front of you and offers you a fight, you consider it. You don't just turn it down.

"I was offered a substantial amount to fight Conor Benn overseas and I came to the conclusion that it wasn't the right time, it wasn't the right place. The circumstances weren't right.

"It doesn't matter how much money you're going to throw at me, things have to be right.

"If things are not right with Conor at this moment in time, and things are not right with me. I want to get this guy [Smith] back for what he did and then I can move on."

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Eubank Jr says that he has a 'new fire burning inside of me' ahead of his rematch with Smith

Eubank Jr will box Smith at the AO Arena in Manchester once again on July 1, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

He maintains that the Smith rematch is the only option he can consider.

"There's still so many names out there for me to get in the ring with," he said. "So many names that the fans want to see me fight and the amazing thing is a lot of these guys are domestic. They're in the UK. So that's great for UK fans. There's some awesome domestic fights and there's also some awesome international fights for world titles.

"But I have to get past Liam Smith. I can't go and fight these big names if I don't take care of business. So I'm not even focusing on any of that right now.

"Now it's just getting the getback. It's payback time."

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