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Lawrence Okolie wants 'legacy fight' at heavyweight where Oleksandr Usyk reigns supreme after Tyson Fury fight

Lawrence Okolie's ultimate ambition is to win a world heavyweight title if he becomes a two-weight champion by defeating Lukasz Rozanski in their WBC Bridgerweight title fight in Rzeszow, Poland on Friday night, live on Sky Sports

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Former WBO cruiserweight world champion Lawrence Okolie has predicted a destructive win over Lukasz Rozanski

Lawrence Okolie will pursue a "legacy fight" against a world heavyweight champion if he overpowers Lukasz Rozanski in their WBC Bridgerweight title fight.

Okolie, who is a former WBO cruiserweight king, is seeking a world title in a second weight division when he travels to Poland to face Rozanski in Rzeszow on Friday night, live on Sky Sports.

But the 31-year-old has made no secret of his desire to fight at heavyweight, which is ruled by Oleksandr Usyk following his victory over Tyson Fury in last weekend's undisputed world title fight.

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Take a look back at the moment Oleksandr Usyk knocked down Tyson Fury in the ninth round with the British fighter saved by the the bell.

Discussing his ambitions, Okolie told Sky Sports: "To be a two-weight world champion, but I genuinely believe I'm close to becoming that, so I need to set myself new goals and new reasons to want to push myself in training.

"No matter what has happened in my career, I've had some great fights, and I've had some poor fights but if I can end my career as a three-weight world champion then that's legacy, that's forever."

All of the major world titles are in the possession of Usyk for now, with a rematch expected against Fury in October, and Okolie is pragmatic about his chances of challenging either of the elite champions.

Oleksandr Usyk celebrates after his victory (pic: Top Rank)
Image: Oleksandr Usyk has become undisputed world champion at cruiserweight and heavyweight

"I'd love to fight them because I'd get paid multi millions of pounds. It would be interesting going in as an underdog and seeing how I rise to that occasion.

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"I'm quite realistic in the fact that I don't think I'll box any of those guys, they've only got another year or so of boxing each other before they sail off.

"It's the ones underneath, the [Filip] Hrgovics and even [Joseph] Parkers that are going to be at world level when it's time."

But firstly Okolie must capture the WBC belt in a relatively new weight class, which could boost his ranking and chances of chasing the WBC champion up at heavyweight.

"If the opportunity came [against Usyk] absolutely. I just don't think it will," said Okolie, who has not fought since he lost his WBO title in a points loss to Chris Billam-Smith last May.

"I wouldn't mind who it's against, just to know I'm a three-weight world champion, to know I did it. I could retire, look back, my titles would speak for themselves.

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"My son seeing me win these belts is more important than money. Money isn't the motivator anymore. If my son ever searches up my name it would be about teaching them life lessons about being knocked down then coming back and winning a world title."

Lawrence Okolie challenges Lukasz Rozanski for the WBC Bridgerweight title on Friday, live on Sky Sports from 10pm.

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