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WBA don't know mystery man

Image: Amir Khan: Appealing against result of his fight

The WBA do not know the identity of the Khan-Peterson 'mystery man', prompting the organisation's vice-president to call for a re-match.

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Vice-president calls for a re-match between Khan and Peterson

The World Boxing Association say they do not know the identity of the 'mystery man' at the centre of the latest Amir Khan controversy, prompting the organisation's vice-president to call for a re-match. An unidentified person has been accused by Khan, who lost his WBA and IBF light-welterweight titles to Lamont Peterson last month, of interfering with the judges during the fight. Video footage shows a man talking to WBA fight supervisor Michael Welsh and he appears to point out something on a scorecard. Khan highlighted the incidents on his Twitter account and on Friday Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, the vice-president of the WBA, said the man was "unknown" to the organisation. Mendoza said: "There should be a direct re-match of this fight. You have to guarantee fairness, you have to guarantee that no one who isn't directly involved can sit at the table. "This would be my personal opinion because we have a committee that have to vote, but that would be the most fair decision at this moment because it is necessary after all the things that have happened. "I cannot take anything from Mr Peterson, but there were a lot of things that make this fight controversial. A man in a black hat and a blue suit can be seen passing slips of paper to WBA fight supervisor Michael Welsh, and as yet no one has been able to confirm his identity. "I am going over the facts but this man is also unknown to us," Mendoxa added. "We don't have an idea who this guy is, we can't identify him. "The guy in the black hat told (WBA supervisor) Mr Welsh that he was an IBF official, but we have consulted several persons at the IBF and they've also said they don't know who this person is. "He didn't give a name or any other thing, he just sat down during the fight. "My view is that commissions have to support the work of world sanctioning bodies and the (Washington DC) commission has to answer exactly who this guy is and why he had access to the table where all the supervisors and more important guys of the commission were sat. "I don't know if he's a Washington DC commissioner or not, that's what we're expecting and we're going to ask the commission of Washington to tell us who this guy is, but nevertheless it's another fact that makes this fight very controversial. The 2004 Olympic silver medallist is concerned about the appearance of the man, also unknown to him, at ringside during the bout and claimed the man should not have been talking to Welsh.


Khan's business manager Asif Vali said they have asked for explanations from the various governing bodies relating to a number of their concerns but have yet to receive answers. "There are four or five different things that require answers and my job is to ensure we get those answers," he said. "I want to know the reason this person sat there and what's going on. We did the table plan with Golden Boy Promotions and the WBA official was already in his seat and the IBF official was already in his seat, so who is this person? What's he doing talking to the WBA? Why is he handling the slips? "These are legitimate questions and if they give us sufficient reasons for it then I'll accept it. I want to see what the reasons are. "We're not saying there is foul play involved in any way, shape or form. I just need the answers for the sequence of events that have taken place. Nothing else. I'm not accusing any of the bodies. Lamont Peterson is the champion and good luck to him for 2012. My job is to get these answers." The IBF also sanctioned the fight and its public relations director Jeanette Salazar said: "At this point in time we have been advised by our lawyers not to speak out in order to keep the integrity of the [IBF] hearing which is scheduled on January 18."

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