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WATCH: Nico Rosberg and Max Verstappen battle in German GP

Did the Mercedes driver deserve a penalty for this incident?

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Nico Rosberg overtakes Max Verstappen in the German GP but was it by unfair means?

One of the highlights of the German Grand Prix saw Nico Rosberg perform an aggressive overtake on Max Verstappen as he tried to fight his way back into contention at his home Grand Prix.

Rosberg had a disastrous start at Hockenheim, dropping from pole to fourth place - behind the Red Bulls - before Turn One, and had to spend the first half of the race attempting to claw back that deficit.

He finally managed to get past Verstappen at the hairpin on lap 29, but was then hit with a five-second penalty by the stewards for forcing the teenager off the track.

Rosberg was far from happy with the ruling, saying over the team radio: "Can you explain to them I was full lock on the steering wheel and I couldn't steer more, and he moved in braking. That was the big problem that's completely not allowed."

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