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Sky Sports F1 exclusive: New footage of Sebastian Vettel-Lance Stroll crash released

New on-board camera angles from Stroll's car released which were unavailable to Malaysia GP stewards when they investigated post-race incident

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Review the new footage released of Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll's crash in Malaysia

New footage of Sebastian Vettel's collision with Lance Stroll after the Malaysia GP has emerged and been published by Sky Sports F1.

The fresh camera angles, which were not available for examination by the Sepang stewards when they investigated the crash, are from on-board Stroll's Williams car and seemingly exonerate the teenager from blame - while asking fresh questions about Vettel's post-race manoeuvre.

The footage shows that Stroll maintains a consistent turn through Turn Five at Sepang and then sharpened his steering angle away from the overtaking Vettel when the Ferrari drew up alongside him.

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In this extended version, Sky F1's Ant Davidson and Johnny Herbert are at the Skypad to review the new footage of Sebastian Vettel's collision with Lance Stroll

Analysing the new pictures at the Skypad with Sky F1 colleague Anthony Davidson, Johnny Herbert concluded: "Sebastian has effectively driven into him."

A concurring Davidson added: "One thing that is for sure is that Stroll isn't to blame at all, we can conclude that from the new footage."

The Malaysia GP stewards ruled that 'no driver was wholly or predominantly to blame for the incident and will therefore take no further action'.

It is understood the new footage was only able to be retrieved once Formula One Management gained physical access to the camera which had been on-board Stroll's car in Malaysia.

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Speaking on Sunday night in Sepang, Stroll said: "I was on my normal line, picking up rubber, doing all my switch changes, shutting down the car and Sebastian came flying by me, pushing round the outside like the race was still on."

Told that the new footage had come to light at Suzuka by Sky F1, a relieved Stroll added: "I'm definitely not taking the blame for it."

But Vettel responded: "I don't think he looked in his mirrors, he wasn't aware. He said he was just picking up rubber but picking up rubber doesn't justify changing direction and driving into someone."

Fears that Vettel would have to take a grid penalty at this weekend's Japanese GP for an out-of-sequence gearbox change have been assuaged after examination of the unit by Ferrari found that it hadn't been damaged during the incident.

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