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F1 2017: The good, the bad and the ugly - the end of year awards

Picking out some of the most memorable moments of the year - and have your say at the bottom of the page...

Announcement of the year: They made us wait, but McLaren's divertido means of confirming Fernando Alonso's new deal was worth it...

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McLaren announce the news of Fernando Alonso's contract extension with a video from their base in Woking of their workers learning Spanish

Comeback of the year: Its final destination may not now result in a 2018 race seat but for Robert Kubica to reach this far, six years after his arm was partially amputated in a rally crash, was undoubtedly one of the sporting stories of 2017.

Controversy of the year: Sebastian Vettel 'ramming' Lewis Hamilton in Baku and subsequently avoiding further sanction from the FIA following a belated apology.

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Whilst waiting for the re-start in Baku, Sebastian Vettel hits the back of Lewis Hamilton, then remonstrates with Hamilton by bumping into his Mercedes

Cool-down room of the year: The US GP where a previously-jubilant Max Verstappen was told he had been stripped of third place as a reinstated Kimi Raikkonen entered stage right.

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Watch the dramatic events unfold as Max Verstappen overtakes Kimi Raikkonen on the last lap for third place in Mexico but is then demoted unceremoniously from the cool down room.

Decision of the year: London Live. No matter that Lewis missed it, the showcase around the streets of the capital was embraced by all the teams and (almost all) the drivers, and delivered sufficient wow factor.

Debut of the year: Nico Rosberg, for sure.

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Disappointment of the year: Honda, again. Renault, again.

Driver of the year: Lewis Hamilton. In the end, the best man won.

Fan engagement of the year: Kimi Raikkonen turned a young fan's tears into smiles after retiring out of the Spanish GP - proving the Iceman does have a soft side.

Favourite race of the year: Spain or Belgium, when Hamilton and Vettel finally went wheel-to-wheel in battle.

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Watch the close racing between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel as they restart after a Safety Car in the Belgian GP

Impromptu meet of the year: They were team-mates, they were rivals - and neither Lewis Hamilton nor Nico Rosberg would have expected to see each other too often in 2017. Especially while out jogging in London!

Innovation of the year: It meant he missed Monaco but Fernando Alonso's run in the Indy 500 was a stroke of marketing genius, a reminder of his indefatigable spirit and, until his Honda engine blew, in with a shout of being the result of the motorsport year.

Lap of the year: Hamilton's Q3 finale at Monza as he beat the field by a full second, team-mate Valtteri Bottas by more than two, and broke Michael Schumacher's all-time record for F1 pole positions.

Longest day of the year: Friday Practice in China when the track action was restricted to 20 minutes due to fog.

Mid-session break of the year: Most drivers head to their motorhome following an engine failure in practice - but Fernando Alonso opted for paddle tennis away from the track to unwind in Spain. Ah, Honda...

Most dramatic moment of the year: Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen colliding at the first corner of the Singapore GP. The year's most significant on-track moment too?

Overtaking move of the year: The statistics show Daniel Ricciardo was 2017's most serial overtaker and his three-in-one pass into the first corner in Baku was pivotal to his against-the-odds race win there.

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Watch one of the best overtakes from the 2017 F1 season as Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo overtakes both Williams drivers for third place in the Azerbaijan GP

Paddock row of the year: Franz Tost and Toro Rosso v Cyril Abiteboul and Renault in Brazil.

Picture of the year: The Singapore first-lap crash.

Pivotal moment of the year: As above.

Podium picture of the year: Don't leave your phone unlocked when Daniel Ricciardo is around...

Press release of the year: Toro Rosso pulling the pin on the Saturday morning of the Brazilian GP after Renault suggested their spate of engine blow-ups might have been their fault. The final line, 'We mustn't forget that they are fighting with Toro Rosso for a better position in the Constructors' championship', was so incendiary that it fell to Helmut Marko, hardly renowned for his peace-making skills, to smooth matters over.

Qualifying of the year: It suffered a three-hour delay but qualifying in Monza served up the most unexpected result of the year with Lance Stroll on the front row and Esteban Ocon third, and the most historic as Hamilton claimed a record-breaking 69th pole of his F1 career.

Quote of the year: "We have only one problem which is the power unit, there is no reliability and there is no power" - Fernando Alonso's brutal but all-too accurate assessment of the state of play at McLaren-Honda in winter testing. Eight months later, it still rang true.

Quick rush of the year: Looking up 'laggard' in the dictionary after Sergio Marchionne voiced his assessment of Kimi Raikkonen.

Race of the year: The Azerbaijan GP. Every year, there's a race that has everything - and usuaully where you least expect it. Azerbaijan was that race in 2017.

Radio rage of the year: Don't keep Kimi Raikkonen waiting for his steering wheel...

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Sky F1’s Martin Brundle sits down Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen to reflect on an eventful career in F1.

Saga of the year: McLaren's divorce from Honda and switch to Renault in an effective swap with Toro Rosso.

Signing of the year: Red Bull's coup in persuading Max Verstappen to put pen to paper until 2020.

Shock of the year: Baku, from the unexpected deliverance of a great race through to that moment when Vettel's car hit Hamilton's and Lance Stroll finished on the podium.

Shortest notice of the year: Paul di Resta's last-minute change from Sky F1 pundit at the Hungarian GP to race driver for Williams following Felipe Massa's late withdrawal.

Strangest crash of the year: Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll colliding after the chequered flag had fallen in Malaysia.

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In this extended version, Sky F1's Ant Davidson and Johnny Herbert are at the Skypad to review the new footage of Sebastian Vettel's collision with Lance Stroll in Malaysia

Team of the year: Mercedes might be the obvious shout but Force India enhanced their reputation for being F1's best pound-for-pound outfit by taking fourth in the Constructors' Championship ahead of better-funded Renault, Williams and McLaren.

Team-mate bust-up of the year: Those Force India boys weren't always the best of friends...

And we'll do it all again in 2018! Sky Sports F1 will once more be the only place to see every race live with the Australian GP kicking off the 21-race season on March 25

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