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The F1 Report: Journalists Special on F1 2017, Lewis Hamilton's title and Liberty Media's first year

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Natalie Pinkham is joined by Will Buxton, The Daily Mail's Jonathan McEvoy and writer for RACERmag Chris Medland to review all the biggest stories from the 2017 F1 season.

In an F1 Report Journalists Special, the panel assess Lewis Hamilton v Sebastian Vettel and what made the difference in 2017's outcome.

What difference have Liberty Media made? Would it have made a difference to the championship outcome if Lewis Hamilton was driving a Ferrari rather than a Mercedes? Were McLaren right to divorce Honda? And just what sort of year was it in the paddock?

It is all up for discussion in a bumper edition of the F1 Report - and you can watch the programme in full by playing the video at the top of the page.

Would Hamilton have won in a Ferrari?
That is just one of the bold verdicts made in an enthralling and explosive show.

"I think Lewis would have won if he was in a Mercedes or a Ferrari," concluded Daily Mail F1 correspondent McEvoy as he reflected on the championship battle.

While Vettel's supporters will no doubt challenge that assertion by pointing to the spate of car failures which cost the German so heavily after the summer break, McEvoy countered: "Reliability issues aren't just from the sky.

"Were there reliability issues because they felt under the gun? Would they have felt it if Lewis was leading and in Baku roles were reversed?

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"I think he found a slight vulnerability at Ferrari."

More specifically, both Medland and Buxton believe Hamilton exposed a weakness of Vettel as the pair went head to head for the first time for the drivers' crown.

"When the heat was on, Lewis was much calmer, much cooler. But Seb lost his cool and it was costly," argued Medland.

"Sebastian does have these excesses which need calming and controlling. The frustration became anger and the mistakes crept in," concurred Buxton.

But the show did not always reach unanimity with an assessment of Liberty Media's first full year in charge of the sport provoking a particularly fierce debate.

Here's a flavour…

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This week's guests on the F1 Report Journalists Special have strong opposing views on Liberty Media and their first full year in charge of F1

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F1 Report: Journalists Special
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