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Daniel Ricciardo chats F1 future, best overtakes and more on Sky F1 Vodcast... with Michael Carrick!

Episode 9: Ricciardo and Carrick chat about F1, how drivers and footballers compare, and much more with Lazenby and Pinkham

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Daniel Ricciardo and Michael Carrick were the special guests for Episode 9 of the Sky F1 Vodcast, chatting about how F1 and football compare and much, much more!

Daniel Ricciardo provided an update on his Formula 1 and Renault future during his appearance on the latest Sky F1 Vodcast - while also offering his thoughts on the 2020 season, favourite overtakes and much more.

Ricciardo was one of two special guests for Friday's episode, along with Manchester United legend and current coach Michael Carrick, a big F1 fan, with the pair joining Sky Sports F1's Simon Lazenby and Natalie Pinkham.

Plenty of topics were up for discussion...

Ricciardo: 'Never say never' to Red Bull return

It's been just over a year since Ricciardo, somewhat surprisingly, swapped a Red Bull seat for one at Renault - and the Australian, out of contract again at the end of this season, was asked whether he would ever rule out a return to the team where he secured all of his seven F1 victories.

"I actually haven't really been asked that one!" said Ricciardo. "Would I ever rule out going to Red Bull? No... I think something I've learned growing up in life is never say never.

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"Never completely disregard something - unless it's going to prison or something! So never say never."

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Ricciardo is also sure he can return to the form that has made him one of F1's most sought-after stars.

"What I've done in the past I certainly 100 per cent know I can do it again," he added.

Renault talks 'slow and steady'

Renault finished fifth in the standings last season while Ricciardo's old team Red Bull were third, with his former team-mate Max Verstappen winning three races.

But Ricciardo certainly isn't closing the door on Renault, just admitting that any talks about his future are on the back-burner for now given the current circumstances.

"It is hard having chats right now, because we are at a stalemate - nothing's really happened," he explained. "Normally chats start to come off the back of races, results and momentum.

"There's honestly not a lot to talk about for now, it's more about the current situation and how we're going to deal with it. It's all pretty slow and steady to be honest at this stage."

Ricciardo backs races behind closed doors

Ricciardo is filling non-F1 time back on his farm near Perth, keeping fit and completing various social media challenges. But he said the break has "made me so hungry".

"I'm at a point where I'm starting to watch old races and I want that feeling again," he said. "Absolutely."

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The latest plans discussed for the 2020 campaign centre on starting the season in Austria in early July, followed by two races at Silverstone - although all races in Europe could well be behind closed doors.

While that would be a shame for Ricciardo, he's itching to get back in the car.

"There's obviously a push for a season to happen in the right circumstances," Ricciardo stated. "If that means some of it or the start of it is behind closed doors, so be it.

"As a competitor and for sure not racing since November, December, all I want to do right now is go racing. So as soon as they say we're all clear to go... of course with a crowd is nice but if we can still race without I'll take that any day."

And much more on the Sky F1 Vodcast!

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  • Ricciardo on the art of overtaking, his favourite overtakes, and a feeling of "power"
  • Carrick and Ricciardo compare football and F1 and explain why there's a "big crossover"
  • Ricciardo on his F1 journey and heroes
  • Carrick on why he's a big F1 fan, and why he's itching to get into a car with Ricciardo
  • And who are Manchester United's best and worst drivers?

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