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Lewis Hamilton Q&A: The Mercedes driver on his Singapore race, Sebastian Vettel's victory and the podium booing

After finishing fifth in Singapore, Lewis Hamilton discusses his race, Sebastian Vettel's win, and the latest podium booing...

But if you can get second in the championship, and Mercedes can get second in the championship, it would still be a good season?
LH: "For sure. That's going to be the target, but if we do what we did today then it's not going to happen - and Fernando always finishes second even when he is a long way behind..." What were you thinking when Alonso shot past you at the start?
LH:"I didn't think much. I got a bad start, basically. My car was bogged down. It's very difficult to have consistent starts and Ferrari are generally the only ones who are consistent. Red Bull, Sebastian's car particularly, may be second, and we could be third, so we have some work to do there. "But if I had got the right start then that was the line I would have taken, I swear it. Reading documents and watching videos, that was the best route to go on - Fernando showed it a few years ago. But I was already out of sequence, Mark moved over and I couldn't brake late because he was already there and Fernando was already down the outside."