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Damon Hill makes the case for double points in season-ending Abu Dhabi GP

Concept has been widely condemned since introduction was revealed

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Former World Champion and current Sky Sports F1 pundit Damon Hill has voiced his support for the introduction of double points for the final race of the 2014 season in Abu Dhabi.

2014 rule changes at a glance

Double points
The final race of the season, this year to be held in Abu Dhabi, will award double the usual allocation of points to the top-ten finishers. So the race winner receives 50 instead of 25 points, the runner-up 36 instead of 18 and so on. Fuel limit for races
Cars will now have to start races carrying 100kg of fuel - compared to approximately 150kg in 2013 - to complete the distance with a limited fuel-flow rate of 100kg/hour. Permanent driver numbers
All 22 drivers on the 2014 grid have selected car numbers that they will keep for the remainder of their careers. Lower noses
In a bid to avoid cars being launched in accidents, the tip of the nose has been dramatically lowered - a change which has given rise to spate of 'ugly' 2014 nose designs. Energy Recovery Systems
KERS system is succeed by two enhanced Energy Recovery Systems (ERS), one recovering kinetic energy under braking and the other heat energy from the exhaust turbine. Drivers will no longer activate the ERS boost - which will now offer 161bhp for 33 seconds per lap - via a button on the steering wheel. Driver penalty points
Stewards may now impose penalty points on a driver's Super Licence for misdemeanors. If a driver reaches 12 points he will be removed for the following grand prix. V6 turbo engines
The 2.4-litre V8 engines are replaced by 1.6-litre V6s with a single turbocharger. Rev limit is reduced from 18,000 rpm to 15,000 rpm.
The Sky Sports F1 Online team will be providing live commentary of all three winter tests with live updates from trackside also on Sky Sports News. The next test, in Bahrain, begins on Wednesday February 19.

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