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Max Mosley repeats call for F1 cost cap

F1 Midweek Report guest insists spending cap could be policed

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Speaking on this week's F1 Midweek Report, Former FIA President Max Mosley says cost-capping in the sport can easily be enforced.

Max Mosley has reiterated his call for F1 to introduce a cost cap and suggested that the sport will never be able to adequately cure its ills without imposing a limit on spending.

Speaking on this week’s edition of the F1 Midweek Report in the wake of the F1’s Strategy Group revealing their plans for the future of sport, the former FIA president said that introducing a cost cap should be the priority.

“We know that Formula 1 has a great brand and it has a great following. But certain things are necessary, one of which is that it is competitive and you have racing which is not predictable,” said Mosley. "To get that, you must keep the costs under control and then all the rest follows."

Mosley’s argument was endorsed by Kevin Eason who revealed on the eve of the Strategy Group’s summit that Mosley had been invited to attend but declined.

“Look at wind tunnels - £20m a year to find a fraction of a second. It’s crackers, it’s daft,” said The Times’ F1 correspondent.

“That’s the fault of the regulations which put too much emphasis on aerodynamic performance and then if you put too much emphasis on engine performance they spend a fortune on engines,” added Mosley.

“In the end the only way to stop that is to draw a line and say ‘this is what you can spend’.

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“I know it can be enforced. What’s more difficult is to make the team which has mega money agree. If you have mega money, you have an interest in keeping the status quo.

“Someone from the top has to impose the show.”

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