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Christian Horner Q&A: The Red Bull boss reflects on a dominant season

Brit praises Mark Webber's mental strength and reveals RB10 on schedule

Ted Kravitz talks with Christian Horner

Following the Brazilian GP Christian Horner looks back on a dominant season for Red Bull, commends the mental strength shown by Mark Webber and says the team are not behind on development of the 2014 car.

When Lewis won in Hungary, you perhaps expected a bigger challenge from him and developed the car further than you would have. Has that had any impact on next year?
CH: "I think that of course we have been pushing the boundaries and Adrian is never famous for starting next year's car early and you know that is exactly the same case for the RB10. But thankfully we managed to secure this championship reasonably early which has enabled all the focus to go onto the RB10, whilst obviously Ferrari and Mercedes have been battling each other for the runners-up position." How resilient did Mark need to be to take on Sebastian for five years?
CH: "I think you need to be a pretty tough character because people underestimate I think how good Sebastian is. Mark is a very, very fine racing driver and of course it is hugely difficult for any sportsman but he has brushed himself down, got himself motivated, sometimes in a manner that might be uncomfortable for the team to deal with, but that has worked for him and he has got the absolute best out of himself."

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