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Ronspeak: Paying tribute to McLaren legend Ron Dennis

Formula 1 will never quite be the same again.

Across four decades at the helm of McLaren, Ron Dennis became famous for a sometimes complex turn of phrase which became affectionately known as 'Ronspeak'.

After being forced to step down from his roles as chief executive and chairman, we bring you some gems uttered down the years by one of F1's most legendary and successful figures...

"When I came into motor racing so many things were a black art. But black art was a cloak for 'we don't really know'. It was intuitive engineering. I decided to make it a science. We will develop science to take away uncertainty to make winning a certainty."
In other words: There's nothing flukey about victory.

Ron Dennis steps down at McLaren

"Focus is thought to be good, obsession is thought to be bad. But basically they're the same thing. And then there's ego. Ego is a core ingredient of ambition. Ambition and ego are close bed-fellows. And, like everybody I suppose, I seek happiness. It's an uncomplicated objective. I don't see happiness as laughing or clapping your hands. I see it as the opposite of unhappiness, the opposite of anger, of depression. If you can get into that state of mind, you're going to be far more productive."
In other words: I'm only happy when we're winning.

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Damon Hill believes outgoing McLaren chief executive, Ron Dennis will be regarded as one of the greats of the sport

"Surprisingly for us, the psychological blow of it raining halfway through qualifying in Australia was much greater than we anticipated."
In other words: We didn't see the wet stuff coming.

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"I wish Lewis really, really well. He's been nurtured well through his career and I feel none of the emotions that attribute to me."
In other words: Don't believe everything you read in the press.

"Life isn't about one person deciding anything. It's never that way. It's about circumstances. Everybody says: 'Am I bitterly this or bitterly that?' What? I'm a realist."
In other words: Get real.

"I continue to love the sport of Formula 1 with every fibre of my being."
In other words: I like F1 - a lot.

"First of all our shareholders have a position, then the board has a position and then Martin has to handle what that position is. It would be totally inappropriate for me to say anything that would undermine Martin's position."
In other words: Know your position.

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Former McLaren mechanic Marc Priestley believes the team's former chief executive, Ron Dennis deserves respect despite being difficult to work for at times

"I hate shopping. I don't shop, at all. Fortunately my creditworthiness allows for a shop to release quantities of product so I can choose at home."
In other words: They shop, they drop. 

"From our perspective, and ours is more qualified because we are not hiding from our inadequacies, it is statistically not borne out that we have huge reliability problems.
In other words: Don't mention unreliability.

"Inevitably you have a greater interest in seeing what he says and how he says it. I am more impressed when it is a pure quote rather than something he is reputed to have said. He is very well put together in the mind."
In other words: He thinks well.

"I used to go to bed with the vacuum cleaner going because my mum wanted the house immaculate when she got up. That's the ethos I grew up with, everything had to be perfect all the time. That's why I am such a pain to live with. I don't want chaos; my homes are my tranquillity bases."
In other words: Wipe your feet before entering.

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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner believes it will be a great loss to the sport and McLaren if Ron Dennis steps away from Formula 1

"I am very driven by aesthetics. When I look at our cars, my own enthusiasms therefore tend to be a little more influenced by aesthetics than you might expect. On the other hand, I am a firm believer in the adage that form follows function - or, to put it another way, a fast racing car is surprisingly often a beautiful racing car."
In other words: A quick car looks fast.

"So, to revert to the specificity of your question, I'm not going to hypothesise about what might have happened had we done things differently, because I don't think there's anything specifically wrong with the way we've done things."
In other words: Don't doubt me

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