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User comments on Sky F1: Please obey the house rules!

We want you, the users, to get the most out of this discussion forum and for it to contain constructive, interesting and fun dialogue whilst being a safe and family friendly service...

With this in mind please adhere to the following House Rules. You must not post any comments that:

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  1. Contains personal details (yours or someone else's such as showing house numbers/names with street sign posts or school signage).

  2. Contains denigrating imagery or encourage or condone criminal, illegal or immoral behaviour.

  3. Contains racist, sexist, homophobic, bigotry, abusive or otherwise objectionable imagery or statements.

  4. Breaks the law, or encourages/supports breaking the law. This includes libel, contempt of court and breach of copyright.

  5. Contains third party copyright material without their permission.

  6. Contains crude, rude or disreputable imagery or statements not suitable for all age groups.

  7. Troll/bully presenters, on-screen talent or other contributors.

  8. Makes unfounded or unproved allegations against a person, organisation or group.

  9. Uses offensive language or purposefully offends. This may include swear words with asterisks replacing some letters.

  10. Contains imagery of another person[s] that you have submitted without obtaining that person's consent.

  11. Spams the service with junk or is content that is repeated more than once.

  12. Gives advice that could be dangerous or result in injury.

  13. Deviates from the topic.

  14. Advertises goods or services.

  15. Includes URLs of third party websites which may contain offensive or illegal material.

  16. Repetitively or continuously repeats complaints.

  17. Pretends to be anyone else but you.

Anyone who submits material that breaks these rules or our Terms and Conditions, or abuses the system, may be banned from contributing in the future and could be reported to the authorities.

Full terms and conditions can be found at:

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