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Giant lizard runs onto the track during P3 at the Singapore GP!

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Max Verstappen passes an unwelcome guest in the form of a monitor lizard at the Singapore GP

Max Verstappen could not believe his eyes when he came 'face to face with Godzilla' during Practice Three at the Singapore GP.

The street circuit has seen its fair share of track intruders over the years, including a wandering pedestrian in 2015, but this was possibly an even rarer occurrence.

"There's a giant lizard on the track," exclaimed a laughing Verstappen as he passed Turn Three. "I am not joking." 

"Face to face with Godzilla," says one of his Red Bull engineers.

When is the Singapore GP on Sky Sports?
When is the Singapore GP on Sky Sports?

Qualifying starts at 2pm UK time; Race underway at 1pm.

It's suspected that the large reptile was a Monitor Lizard, a common species in Singapore.

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Watch the clip of the lizard walking across the track above!

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