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Mosconi Cup: Pool pioneer Allison Fisher calls for a women's version of transatlantic spectacle

Based on the Ryder Cup, the Mosconi has transformed nine-ball pool, evolving into the greatest team competition in the sport; The 2023 event is being played at the Alexandra Palace from Wednesday, December 6 until Saturday, December 9 - live on Sky Sports Arena

Mosconi Cup 2023 - Trophy
Image: Team Europe and Team USA will contest the 30th edition of the Mosconi Cup at Alexandra Palace, London

Pool pioneer Allison Fisher believes now is the right time to create a women's version of the Mosconi Cup.

There's already the biennial Solheim Cup for professional women golfers, but now Fisher, who played in the inaugural edition of the transatlantic spectacle in 1994, says it would be a great idea for women to have their own version of the ever-popular event.

With the likes of Allison Fisher, Kelly Fisher, Jasmin Ouschan and Kristina Zlateva the dominant names for Europe, the Americans have an array of talent, including Kaylee Mcintosh, Caroline Pao, Janet Atwell, Savannah Easton, Emily Duddy and Monica Webb.

"I think women could have their own Mosconi Cup," Fisher told Sky Sports. "We could call it the Jean Balukas or Fisher Cup."

Balukas is considered one of the greatest players of all time and the only woman in the 1990s to compete with men in professional play.

Kelly Fisher and Allison Fisher: World Cup of Pool (photo courtesy of Taka Wu/Matchroom Multi Sport)
Image: Kelly Fisher and Allison Fisher teamed up together to compete at the World Cup of Pool

Fisher was part of the European team that rocked the Roller Bowl in Romford with a team of eight format, comprised of six men and two women.

"It was great when we did it and we loved scotch doubles and things like that with the guys but the tournament is now becoming its own thing," she said.

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"It has become a very rewarding thing for the guys to aspire to over here in America and worldwide now, everyone wants to be in that Mosconi Cup."

The tournament has also seen the greatest names in the sport compete from the legendary Earl Strickland to the latest Nineball sensation, Joshua Filler.

This year Team USA will be looking for revenge after losing the last three tournaments to Team Europe - who lead 15-13 overall.

"The appearance fee has gone to £40,000 per player in the team and £20,000 to the runners-up. It has grown incredibly," said Fisher.

"Players play all year to be a part of that team so they're going to support the Matchroom tournaments to make their rankings higher in order to earn their spot in that team.

"There's a system in place but also the captain still has wildcard picks. Three are by ranking and two are by picks - usually a name like Earl Strickland [who is considered as one of the best pool players of all time] to make things exciting."

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Five-time Mosconi Cup winner Jayson Shaw thinks Fedor Gorst's decision to join team USA is 'terrible' and will he pay the price for the decision to switch

The European team is captained for the first time by Ralph Eckert, whose team is unchanged from last year. It boasts recent Hanoi Open winner Jayson Shaw from Scotland, Joshua Filler from Germany, Austria's Albin Ouschan, and Spanish duo Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz and David Alcaide.

Jeremy Jones will captain Team USA for the fourth time, and his team is spearheaded by Shane Van Boening, who has won the US Open five times, a joint-record with Strickland.

The team is also boosted by the addition of Fedor Gorst, regarded as currently one of the best players in the world. Gorst played on the winning European team in 2020 but qualifies to play for the USA after being granted residency there. They are joined by Skyler Woodward, Tyler Styer and Shane Wolford.

"Europe have always trained well, they've always been great competitors, they always have great coaches which is something that is lacking in America. I'm talking about really good coaches, so that's been emphasised in Europe, plus the discipline," said Fisher, who goes by the nickname 'The Duchess of Doom'.

"There are a lot of distractions in America with lots of other sports and a different mentality, but that's changing now.

"Then you've got the fact Team USA have got Gorst from Russia playing for them which is another dynamic."

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Europe made no mistake on the final day of last year's Mosconi Cup as they took home the trophy once more

Europeans and Americans are guaranteed a rollercoaster ride at Ally Pally, experiencing the highs and lows of an enthralling tournament, so will we see another blue wave crush the challenge from across the pond?

"I don't think Europe will win convincingly because I think Team USA will put up a good fight and Fedor is a bit of an anchor man so that will take the pressure off Shane," believes Fisher. "He's always been the main man to carry the team but his performances in the Mosconi haven't always been that great.

"Having Fedor alongside him might change that although it depends on how he performs. If he gets off to a great start then the whole dynamic will change.

"It's going to be mad at Ally Pally. The British fans are crazy but that what's makes the tournament. It's going to be a big win for everyone involved and it makes the sport grow all over the world."

Mosconi Cup Winners

1994, Romford, London USA 16-12 Europe
1995, Basildon, Essex Europe 16-15 USA
1996, Dagenham, London USA 16-13 Europe
1997, Bethnal Green, London USA 13-8 Europe
1998, Bethnal Green, London USA 13-9 Europe
1999, Bethnal Green, London USA 12-7 Europe
2000, Bethnal Green, London USA 12-9 Europe
2001, Bethnal Green, London USA 12-1 Europe
2002, Bethnal Green, London Europe 12-9 USA
2003, Las Vegas, Nevada USA 11-9 Europe
2004, Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands USA 12-9 Europe
2005, Las Vegas, Nevada USA 11-6 Europe
2006, Rotterdam, Netherlands USA 12-12 Europe
2007, Las Vegas, Nevada Europe 11-8 USA
2008, St Julian's, Malta Europe 11-5 USA
2009, Las Vegas, Nevada USA 11-7 Europe
2010, Bethnal Green, London Europe 11-8 USA
2011, Las Vegas, Nevada Europe 11-7 USA
2012, Bethnal Green, London Europe 11-9 USA
2013, Las Vegas, Nevada Europe 11-2 USA
2014, Tower Circus, Blackpool Europe 11-5 USA
2015, Las Vegas, Nevada Europe 11-7 USA
2016, Alexandra Palace, London Europe 11-3 USA
2017, Las Vegas, Nevada Europe 11-4 USA
2018, Alexandra Palace, London USA 11-9 Europe
2019, Las Vegas, Nevada USA 11-8 Europe
2020, Ricoh Arena, Coventry Europe 11-3 USA
2021, Alexandra Palace, London Europe 11-6 USA
2022, Las Vegas, Nevada Europe 11-7 USA

How to watch the Mosconi Cup

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Watch as Jayson Shaw mimicked his opponent Earl Strickland at Bally's Las Vegas to silence the home support

Every ball of the Mosconi Cup will be shown live on Sky Sports, with coverage starting from 6.30pm on Sky Sports Arena on Wednesday, December 6 and continuing at the same time every day until Saturday, December 9.

Reports from each day will be available on the Sky Sports website and app along with the best video from the tournament.

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