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WWE SmackDown: Roman Reigns humiliated in dog food attack

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Following The Big Dog’s match with Dolph Ziggler, King Corbin followed through with his vow to humiliate SmackDown’s leader

Roman Reigns was doused in dog food on a humiliating episode of SmackDown for the former Universal champion.

With Reigns' TLC match against Baron Corbin at the pay-per-view of the same name confirmed, Dolph Ziggler was lined up as the Big Dog's next opponent.

With Corbin watching on, Reigns picked up the win, kicking out of the Zig Zag and blocking out Corbin's attempted distractions to connect with a massive Spear onto Ziggler for the win.

WWE Late Night Smackdown

Reigns would have no time to celebrate, as Corbin's sedan carriers attempted to assault Roman alongside King Corbin after the contest. The Big Dog fought off the henchmen and was ready to smash Corbin through the announcer's table with a powerbomb, but Dolph re-emerged to hit Reigns with a superkick.

Corbin, Ziggler and the sedan carriers then handcuffed Reigns to the ring post and began to absolutely annihilate him before adding insult to injury by showering the defenseless Big Dog with dog food.

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With Daniel Bryan missing after last week’s attack, The Miz vowed to find the former WWE champion, but Bray Wyatt interrupts with intentions of pulling The A Lister into his twisted games

The Miz comes to Bryan's aid

Daniel Bryan failed to show up for his scheduled appearance on Miz TV and as a result the A-Lister promised to get to the bottom of what has happened to him after his assault at the hands of The Fiend last week.

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Wyatt appeared on the big screen in the Firefly Fun House and suggested that Bryan was possibly still with "him" and that he no longer believed Bryan would be able "to play with him" for the Universal Title at TLC a week on Sunday night.

With that in mind, Wyatt challenged Miz to a match at TLC before ominously displaying a picture of The Miz, his wife Maryse and their two children as a means to enrage The A-Lister.

Wyatt's mind games clearly worked, as Miz stormed out of the ring and later he found Wyatt backstage, where he was hit by a surprise Sister Abigail by the Firefly Fun House host.

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After quickly dispatching a local competitor, The Lady of WWE embarrassed The Boss by feigning A Woman’s Right, but Bayley blindsides her to even the score

Bayley and Sasha hit back against Evans

After Lacey Evans dropped Sasha Banks last week during her confrontation with The Boss and SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley, The Sassy Southern Belle continued to make waves by quickly taking down a local competitor with the Woman's Right.

Banks then arrived to remind Evans that she was still the leader of the Women's division, but The Boss struck a nerve when she mentioned Lacey's daughter, leading to Evans calling out Banks' character and daring her to step into the ring. Sasha obliged and went face to face with Evans, but when Evans feigned another Woman's Right, Banks collapsed to the canvas in fear.

Live WWE Late Night Raw

Satisfied with unsettling Sasha, Evans made her exit, but she was suddenly blindsided by Bayley, who knocked her to the ground. Sasha recovered and got a few licks on Lacey as well

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