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Netball Super League: 2023 season to start on February 11 as fixtures announced

The traditional Season Opener event will be held on Saturday, February 11 at Nottingham's Motorpoint Arena; the 2023 Netball Super League Grand Final will take place on Sunday, June 11 and the semi-finals will be held on June 9

Nat Metcalf of Manchester Thunder (Image credit: Ben Lumley)
Image: The 2023 season will start on February 11 with the Season Opener (Image credit: Ben Lumley)

The 2023 Netball Super League season will start on Saturday, February 11 with the traditional Season Opener event taking place at Nottingham's Motorpoint Arena.

The day of netball will mark the start of a 114-match season consisting of 20 rounds of regular-season matches.

The 2023 Grand Final and the third and fourth play-off will take place on Sunday, June 11 and the semi-finals will be held on June 9. After the conclusion of the Super League season, players' and fans' attention will turn to the international calendar and preparations for the Netball World Cup which will be held in South Africa from July 28 to August 6.

Manchester Thunder are the reigning Netball Super League champions after an unbeaten season in 2022 and a Grand Final victory over Loughborough Lightning at the Copper Box Arena.

The off-season has brought a wealth of player movements within the league including Jade Clarke and Chelsea Pitman joining London Pulse, Uganda international Stella Oyella arriving at Strathclyde Sirens and Layla Guscoth swapping Team Bath Netball for Surrey Storm.

England Netball have also confirmed they will not be partnering with their current headline partner for the 2023 season.

"Women's sport is seeing unprecedented growth which is set to continue and we have some highly ambitious plans for the future of the league, Fran Connolly, chief executive of England Netball, said.

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"So, it feels like the right time for us to proactively go to market and seek further investment. We are looking forward to welcoming new brands during this exciting transition for our sport."

Netball Super League 2023 fixtures

Sat, Feb 11: 11am - Team Bath vs Loughborough Lightning; 12.45pm - Surrey Storm vs Strathclyde Sirens; 2.30pm - Saracens Mavericks vs Wasps; 4.15pm - Leeds Rhinos vs London Pulse; 6pm - Manchester Thunder vs Celtic Dragons (all at Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham).

Mon, Feb 13: 7pm - Surrey Storm vs Severn Stars

Fri, Feb 17: 7pm - London Pulse vs Team Bath.

Sat, Feb 18: 4pm - Saracens Mavericks vs Leeds Rhinos, Surrey Storm vs Manchester Thunder; 6pm - Loughborough Lightning vs Celtic Dragons; 7pm - Severn Stars vs Strathclyde Sirens.

Sun, Feb 19: 3pm - Leeds Rhinos vs Surrey Storm.

Mon, Feb 20: 7pm - Manchester Thunder vs Wasps, London Pulse vs Severn Stars, Celtic Dragons vs Team Bath; 7.30pm - Strathclyde Sirens vs Loughborough Lightning.

Fri, Feb 24: 6pm - Loughborough Lightning vs Saracens Mavericks; 7pm - Celtic Dragons vs Severn Stars; 7.30pm - Team Bath vs Strathclyde Sirens.

Sat, Feb 25: 6pm - London Pulse vs Manchester Thunder, Surrey Storm vs Saracens Mavericks; 7pm - Wasps vs Leeds Rhinos.

Mon, Feb 27: 7pm - London Pulse vs Wasps.

Fri, Mar 3: 7pm - Manchester Thunder vs Loughborough Lightning.

Sat, Mar 4: 2pm - Saracens Mavericks vs Celtic Dragons, Strathclyde Sirens vs Leeds Rhinos; 6pm - London Pulse vs Surrey Storm; 7pm - Severn Stars vs Team Bath.

Mon, Mar 6: 7pm - Celtic Dragons vs Wasps.

Fri, Mar 10: 7.30pm - Team Bath vs Surrey Storm.

Sat, Mar 11: 4pm - Saracens Mavericks vs Severn Stars; 7pm - Wasps vs Loughborough Lightning.

Sun, Mar 12: 3pm - Leeds Rhinos vs Manchester Thunder.

Mon, Mar 13: TBC - Severn Stars vs Wasps; 7pm - London Pulse vs Strathclyde Sirens.

Fri, Mar 17: 7pm - Manchester Thunder vs Team Bath; 7.30pm - Strathclyde Sirens vs Saracens Mavericks.

Sat, Mar 18: 7pm - Severn Stars vs Manchester Thunder, Wasps vs London Pulse.

Sun, Mar 19: 4pm - Loughborough Lightning vs Leeds Rhinos.

Mon, Mar 20: 7pm - Surrey Storm vs Celtic Dragons.

Fri, Mar 24: 7pm - Leeds Rhinos vs Severn Stars; 7.30pm - Team Bath vs Saracens Mavericks.

Sat, Mar 25: 6pm - Loughborough Lightning vs Surrey Storm, Wasps vs Strathclyde Sirens.

Sun, Mar 26: 3pm - Wasps vs Team Bath; 4pm - Saracens Mavericks vs Manchester Thunder, Severn Stars vs Surrey Storm; 6pm - London Pulse vs Celtic Dragons.

Mon, Mar 27: 6pm - Loughborough Lightning vs London Pulse; 7pm - Celtic Dragons vs Strathclyde Sirens.

Fri, Mar 31: 7.30pm - Team Bath vs Leeds Rhinos.

Sat, Apr 1: 5pm - Manchester Thunder vs Strathclyde Sirens.

Sun, Apr 2: 3pm - Leeds Rhinos vs Celtic Dragons; 4pm - Severn Stars vs Loughborough Lightning.

Mon, Apr 3: 5.30pm - Surrey Storm vs Wasps; 6pm - Saracens Mavericks vs London Pulse.

Fri, Apr 7: 6pm - Wasps vs Saracens Mavericks; 7pm - Celtic Dragons vs Manchester Thunder.

Sat, Apr 8: 4pm - Team Bath vs Severn Stars; 6pm - London Pulse vs Leeds Rhinos.

Mon, Apr 10: 7.30pm - Strathclyde Sirens vs Surrey Storm.

Fri, Apr 14: 6pm - Loughborough Lightning vs Wasps; 7pm - Manchester Thunder vs Surrey Storm; 7.30pm - Team Bath vs London Pulse, Strathclyde Sirens vs Severn Stars.

Sun, Apr 16: 3pm - Leeds Rhinos vs Saracens Mavericks.

Mon, Apr 17: 7pm - Celtic Dragons vs Loughborough Lightning.

Fri, Apr 21: 6pm - Severn Stars vs London Pulse; 7.30pm - Team Bath vs Celtic Dragons.

Sat, Apr 22: 4pm - Saracens Mavericks vs Surrey Storm; 7pm - Wasps vs Manchester Thunder.

Sun, Apr 23: 4pm - Loughborough Lightning vs Strathclyde Sirens; 7.30pm - Surrey Storm vs Leeds Rhinos.

Fri, Apr 28: 7pm - Leeds Rhinos vs Strathclyde Sirens, Celtic Dragons vs Saracens Mavericks; 7.30pm - Wasps vs Severn Stars.

Sat, Apr 29: 6pm - Loughborough Lightning vs Manchester Thunder, Surrey Storm vs London Pulse.

Sun, Apr 30: 3pm - Leeds Rhinos vs Wasps; 4pm - Severn Stars vs Celtic Dragons.

Mon, May 1: 2pm - Saracens Mavericks vs Loughborough Lightning; 5.30pm - Manchester Thunder vs London Pulse; 7.30pm - Strathclyde Sirens vs Team Bath.

Sat, May 6: 3pm - Saracens Mavericks vs Strathclyde Sirens; 5pm - Manchester Thunder vs Leeds Rhinos; 6pm - Surrey Storm vs Team Bath, Loughborough Lightning vs Severn Stars; 7pm - Wasps vs Celtic Dragons.

Fri, May 12: 7pm - Leeds Rhinos vs Loughborough Lightning, Celtic Dragons vs Surrey Storm; 7.30pm - Team Bath vs Manchester Thunder.

Sat, May 13: 4pm - Strathclyde Sirens vs London Pulse; 7pm - Severn Stars vs Saracens Mavericks.

Fri, May 19: 7pm - Manchester Thunder vs Severn Stars, Celtic Dragons vs London Pulse; 7.30pm - Strathclyde Sirens vs Wasps.

Sat, May 20: 6pm - Surrey Storm vs Loughborough Lightning.

Sun, May 21: 3pm - Leeds Rhinos vs Team Bath.

Mon, May 22: 5.30pm - Saracens Mavericks vs Team Bath.

Fri, May 26: 7.30pm - Team Bath vs Wasps, Strathclyde Sirens vs Celtic Dragons.

Sat, May 27: 5pm - Manchester Thunder vs Saracens Mavericks; 6pm - London Pulse vs Loughborough Lightning; 7pm - Severn Stars vs Leeds Rhinos.

Fri, Jun 2: 7pm - Celtic Dragons vs Leeds Rhinos.

Sat, Jun 3: 2pm - Strathclyde Sirens vs Manchester Thunder; 7pm - Wasps vs Surrey Storm.

Sun, Jun 4: 4pm - Loughborough Lightning vs Team Bath.

Mon, Jun 5: 7pm - London Pulse vs Saracens Mavericks.

Fri, Jun 9: Semi-finals.

Sun, Jun 11: Grand Final.

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