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JJ Watt's emotional rant after Houston Texans loss: I feel most bad for our fans

The Houston Texans slipped to 4-11 on the year under interim head coach Romeo Crennel after suffering a fourth straight defeat in Sunday's loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

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J.J. Watt launched an incredible rant against his Houston teammates following their 37-31 defeat at the hands of Cincinnati.

An angered J.J. Watt delivered a no-punches-pulled rant addressing the professionalism and production of the Houston Texans after they slumped to a 37-31 defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. 

The veteran defensive end has cut a frustrated figure all season long, and after criticising the team's defensive display proceeded to express his disappointment over the Texans' failure to reward their fans.

It marked Houston's fourth straight defeat as they fell to 4-11 on the year under interim head coach Romeo Crennel, who took over when Bill O'Brien was fired in October on the back of a 0-4 start.

"We're professional athletes getting paid a whole lot of money," Watt said postgame. "If you can't come in and put work in in the building, go out to the practice field and work hard, do your lifts and do what you're supposed to do, you should not be here. This is a job. We are getting paid a whole lot of money.

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A look back at the best of the action from Week 16 of the 2020 NFL season.

"There are a lot of people that watch us and invest their time and their money into buying our jerseys and buying a whole bunch of s***, and they care about it. They care every single week. We're in Week 16 and we're 4-11, and there's fans that watch this game, that show up to the stadium that put in time and energy and effort and care about this.

"So if you can't go out there and you can't work out, you can't show up on time, you can't practice, you can't want to go out there and win, you shouldn't be here. Because this is a privilege. It's the greatest job in the world. You get to go out and play a game.

"And if you can't care enough, even in Week 17, even when you're trash, when you're 4-11. If you can't care enough to go out there and give everything you've got and try your hardest, that's bull****."

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Samaje Perine scored an unbelievable 46-yard touchdown for Cincinnati against Houston in the second half.

The Texans' 30th-ranked defense gave up 540 yards of total offense, including 169 on the ground as Samaje Perine produced the go-ahead three-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter before Austin Seibert's 36-yard field goal sealed the win for Cincinnati.

Earlier in the game Perine had been allowed to break multiple Texans tackle attempts before racing away for a 46-yard touchdown run to give the Bengals the lead at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Houston failed to register a single sack on backup quarterback Brandon Allen, who finished the day 29 of 37 for 371 yards and two touchdowns.

"There are people every week that still tweet you, that still come up to you and say, 'Hey, we're still rooting for you; we're still behind you.' They have no reason whatsoever to. We stink," Watt continued.

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Deshaun Watson's great pass found an open Brandin Cooks for the score as Houston got their first touchdown against Cincinnati.

"But they care and they still want to win and they still want you to be great. That's why. Those people aren't getting paid. We're getting paid handsomely. That's why.

"And that's who I feel the most bad for, is our fans and the people who care so deeply and the city and the people who love it and who truly want it to be great. And it's not. And that sucks as a player to know that we're not giving them what they deserve."

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