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Joe Montana says Super Bowl 23 highlight of career

22 Jan 1989:  Quarterback Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers looks to pass the ball during Super Bowl XXIII against the Cincinnati Bengals at Joe Robbi
Image: Joe Montana led the San Francisco 49ers to four Super Bowl victories during his 14 years with the franchise

Halfway through the 2016 NFL season, thoughts inevitably begin turning towards the play-offs and February's Super Bowl.

With no promotion, relegation or cup competitions, every team in the NFL strives for just one prize, and San Francisco 49ers legend Joe Montana, who led his franchise to victory in Super Bowls 16, 19, 23 and 24, reveals some of the keys to victory.

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"It helps when you have a good team around you," iconic quarterback Montana explained in an interview with Touchdown magazine.

"But we also knew how to relax and stay loose. If you don't have fun and you get a little too uptight, you can't play to the best of your ability."

Montana, nicknamed "Joe Cool" for his late-game comebacks and calmness under pressure, set a number of records, including becoming the first player to win three Super Bowl MVP awards. 

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 28:  The media follows Super Bowl MVP Joe Montana #16 of the San Francisco 49ers as he heads to the locker room after defeating the D
Image: Montana was Super Bowl MVP three times in his career but his favourite moment came in Super Bowl 23

But it's clear the Super Bowl wins - and one in particular - mean more to him than anything else he achieved.

"As a quarterback, there is no better way to end the season than to throw the winning touchdown pass in the Super Bowl," Montana says, referring to a pivotal pass to John Taylor with 35 seconds remaining in Super Bowl 23. "So that would be the highlight of my career."

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The quarterback led his team 92 yards in under three minutes, before connecting with Taylor to beat the Cincinnati Bengals 20-16. Despite throwing for a Super Bowl record 357 yards, Montana was overlooked as MVP, but the drive will be remembered as an iconic moment in NFL history.

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