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Caroline Dubois too much for Feriche Mashaury: 'She didn't want no part of it!' | Viddal Riley cuts and stops Anees Taj

Caroline Dubois overwhelms Feriche Mashaury inside three rounds at Wembley Arena; Viddal Riley leaves aggressive Anees Taj with a bad cut to win in the fourth round; Watch Adam Azim vs Santos Reyes live on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Arena

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Caroline Dubois maintained her unbeaten run with a convincing win over Feriche Mashaury at Wembley Arena

Caroline Dubois ruthlessly dispatched Feriche Mashaury 47 seconds into their third round, while Viddal Riley unleashed a savage right hook to cut and ultimately stop Anees Taj.

After a near flawless 2022, Caroline Dubois began her year with her sixth professional win and fifth consecutive stoppage victory.

She began with characteristic speed, sending out fast jabs to catch out Feriche Mashaury, before she launched her backhand left to the body.

 Dubois dominated for three rounds at Wembley Arena
Image: Dubois dominated for three rounds at Wembley Arena

Dubois worked well with her lead hand, doubling up right hooks to the body. Feriche felt the pressure and was soon looking to hold on.

The Londoner's speed was overwhelming Mashaury and Dubois forced down for a count in the second round.

She had set herself a target of outdoing Chantelle Cameron, now the undisputed super-lightweight champion, who halted Mashaury in two rounds and hunted for a finish, only to run out of time in the round.

Dubois didn't have to wait much longer. She kept up the onslaught and referee Howard Foster intervened at 0-47 of the third even as Mashaury slung a punch back.

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She is ambitious. Dubois wants four more fights before the end of the year, culminating in a world title shot.

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Caroline Dubois was disappointed with the negative fight against Feriche Mashaury and is looking forward to the next one.

"It's not about going long, but I wanted somebody who could fight and would throw back," Dubois said.

"She was negative from the first bell, she literally just turned around and walked away, she didn't want no part of it.

"It's hard to fight somebody who doesn't want to fight, so I'm looking forward to the next one!"

Over the course of the build-up to his fight with Tottenham's Viddal Riley, Anees Taj talked their bout into a grudge match. He brought those bad intentions into the opening round, charging forward swinging hooks.

Image: Riley stopped Taj

But Riley, the more composed boxer, brought him onto lead left hands. He struck more accurately working his left well, even if a brace of big hooks sailed just a touch too high as Taj ducked them.

He was being outboxed so, still determined, Taj tried to outfight him. That did see him have a better round in the second. But in the third, Riley began to catch him with a dangerous right hand. Riley's cross slammed into Taj's jaw.

The Londoner swept his right hook across, a vicious shot that left Taj cut over his left eye.

The cut only worsened and by the start of the fourth round, he had to be pulled out.

Big Tottenham heavyweight Jeamie TKV forced Harry Armstrong into the ropes and heaved hooks over, pummelling the Torquay man at close range.

Those clubbing shots took a toll and by the fifth round, TKV was banging solid right-hands through.

Armstrong struggled to contain him. But he absorbed the punishment, going the eight-round distance.

TKV took the win on points, 77-65.

Image: Jeamie TKV forces Harry Armstrong back

Well supported Luton middleweight Jordan Reynolds was quick to attack. He sought out left hooks to the body of Mohammed Cherif Benchadi and dropped the Frenchman with a well-placed combination in the second round.

He maintained consistent aggression and halted Benchadi 58 seconds into the sixth and last round.

Hassan Azim, brother of the main event's Adam Azim, plunged forward from the opening bell, bombarding Abdallah Luanja with thunderous right crosses. He let through a left hook but hurt Luanja with a left of his own.

His hammering attacks did not relent and the referee had to pull Luanja out with 17 seconds left in the second round.

Stephen McKenna kept Brendon Denes under pressure, putting him down in the third and the fourth rounds. Wisely Denes remained in his corner and did not answer the bell for the fifth.

Razor Ali took the first stoppage win of his professional career when he forced Hector Lozano out at 1-26 of the third round.

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