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Ezra Arenyeka warns Ben Whittaker he will knock him out for fighting like a kid

Ezra Arenyeka is targeting a fight against Ben Whittaker, and has predicted that he will knock out the undefeated Olympian in the ninth round; watch Chris Billam-Smith defend his cruiserweight world title against Richard Riakporhe on June 15, live on Sky Sports

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Ezra Arenyeka called Ben Whittaker's showboating 'disrespectful' and believes he can make him look silly in the ring if they fight on the Chris Billam-Smith vs Richard Riakporhe undercard

Ezra Arenyeka has vowed to become "the mystery man who upset Ben Whittaker" as he eyes a fight against one of British boxing's rising superstars this June. 

Arenyeka made a name for himself in March when he made a surprise appearance during a pre-fight press conference ahead of Whittaker's victory over Leon Willings, laying down a challenge to the Olympic silver medallist.

Whittaker has both ruffled feathers and gone viral with his in-ring showmanship across a 7-0 start to his professional career, with his tricks and flamboyance coupling with his enormous potential in earning him a growing list of potential opponents keen to capitalise on the stage he offers.

Arenyeka is the latest.

"Ben Whittaker, in his last few fights, has always showboated and acted silly in the ring in my opinion. As a fighter, I've not appreciated that behaviour," Arenyeka told Sky Sports.

"Also, right now in our careers we're the same level and he's the biggest fish to fry for me - so I'm here to fry him.

"That's why I've called him out and did what I did at the press conference. Here I am today and hopefully the fight can be signed and we can get going."

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Whittaker extended his perfect record to 7-0 with a points victory over a gritty Leon Willings at the O2 Arena in London

Whittaker saw his social media following rocket after his showboating performance against Khalid Graidia went global in February.

He was then faced with his sternest test yet in the form of Willings, who for all his industry and heart still proved no match for the speed and finesse of Whittaker.

Arenyeka has promised to give The Surgeon "sleepless nights".

"Every good boxer with rhythm can showboat… in my amateur days I used to showboat a lot, but I stopped for a reason, because I've grown as a fighter," he added.

"Obviously he is still acting like a little diva, like a little kid in the ring, so he is not grown yet.

"If he tries to do that with me, I will show him the level and make him look silly. That's just the honest truth… he is going to get caught with my strong right and I'll knock him out."

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Whittaker claims he let opponent Willings hit him to prove he can take shots on the way to a points victory at the O2 Arena

'The African King' is 12-0 in his professional career with 10 wins coming via knockout. He intends on Whittaker being the 11th.

"I'm going to come with a lot of heart. I'm a warrior. I'm not going to back down," he continued.

"He is quick, but he's not got power.

"And I'll bring pure entertainment, man. The boxing fans on June 15 are in for a treat. It's something they are not going to want to miss because this is history right here - the mystery man that upset Ben Whittaker. That's going to be the headline."

Whittaker was handed perhaps his most valuable rounds yet as a professional in March as he came up against a tough and resilient Willings, taking some meaningful shots for the first time while also seeing his showboating take more of a backseat.

Arenyeka deemed the performance evidence of his own ability to overcome the 26-year-old.

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Whittaker once again put on a display to entertain the fans at London's O2 Arena during his points victory over Willings

"Yeah, Willings exposed him a lot. But it's not just his last fight… every fight you can pick something," he said.

"I've got a very good coach, a former world champion, so there's high potential for great things and great opportunities for me to capitalise on.

"I just have to make sure I train hard and then let the magic happen. It's going to be beautiful. I can't wait to get my hands on him."

Arenyeka was previously critical of Whittaker for the calibre of opponents he has faced since turning professional, suggesting he is yet to encounter somebody of his ability.

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A look at Whittaker's epic martial arts inspired walkout for his fight against Willings

"I feel like the closer the fight gets, he is going to panic," he said.

"He's always had things his way; they've always given him easy fights.

"He's going to find out about himself, I'm going to find out about myself and this is what life is about.

"But I'm knocking him out in the ninth round. That's my prediction and I'll leave it at that."

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