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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Carl Froch says Floyd Mayweather should have been beaten by Jose Luis Castillo

Floyd Mayweather
Image: Floyd Mayweather: Has built up a 47-fight unbeaten record

Floyd Mayweather is only human and Jose Luis Castillo could have ruined his proud unbeaten record back in 2002, says Carl Froch.

Mayweather is not invincible. Maybe Manny Pacquiao is not the right man to prove it, who knows, but he isn't. Whatever he says!

And while it's only my opinion, I think he knows it too. He certainly wasn't when he lost, sorry, 'got the decision' against Jose Luis Castillo back in 2002.

The vast majority of top professionals have been beaten and I think Castillo gave him the wake-up call he needed.
Carl Froch

Yes, he is still undefeated and yes, he won the rematch quite simply a few months later, but he should have been given the loss on that record. The way Castillo kept up the constant pressure and aggression has got to be the way Pacquaio goes, but I have a feeling the Castillo fight might have been that one chance to beat him.

The vast majority of top professionals have been beaten and I think Castillo gave him the wake-up call he needed. We all know we can be beaten and we all know we are beatable, but he is a hard worker, he's a grafter in the gym and he is such a healthy guy. We will not see that Mayweather again.

Floyd Mayweather, Jose Luis Castillo
Image: Jose Luis Castillo: Lost on points despite a determined effort

You see him eating chicken and chips, when they're making those 360s or the 24/7 shows but that is just for the camera, believe me. I've been speaking to someone who has been close to him for a while and he is so clean, so professional with his diet and everything he does.

Mayweather is simply the consummate professional and that's why he's gone on so long. He's had a lot of fights, he's been a professional for coming up to 20 years and he's been able to do that because of the way he keeps himself.

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But that air of invincibility is more the opponent thinking, 'am I really going to take this guy's '0' from him? Am I going to be the first man to beat him?'

Pacquiao may be confident and I am sure he is, but I don't know if he truly believes he is the man to do it - a man who has lost five times and was badly knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez.

That's why Mayweather has that psychological edge. He has massive marketability because of that unbeaten record. I don't want to mention it again, but watch that Castillo fight. He should've lost.

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