Katie Taylor risks her world titles against Natasha Jonas but is her legacy also on the line this Saturday?

"If Katie Taylor ever gets beat, I think it's going to be a huge upset. She's the superstar of women's boxing," The Panel of experts debate whether the Irish star's legacy is also on the line against Natasha Jonas 

Katie Taylor 3:43
Katie Taylor says she is 'prepared for a hard battle' against Natasha Jonas on Saturday, live on Sky Sport Box Office

Katie Taylor's world titles will be at stake against Natasha Jonas, but is the Irish star's legacy also at risk this Saturday? The Panel of experts have given their verdict...

Taylor defends her undisputed lightweight belts against Jonas on this Saturday's Chisora vs Parker bill, live on Sky Sports Box Office, in a repeat of their epic encounter at the London 2012 Olympics.

She defeated Jonas before claiming the gold medal, then added world titles in two weight classes as a professional, but would her achievements be lessened by a shock loss this weekend?

Taylor and Jonas could produce a thrilling battle this weekend, says Spencer Oliver

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Carl Froch

Of course it could have an impact on her legacy. A loss at any stage of your career is bad, but especially when you're undisputed and unbeaten.

Taylor had two wars with Delfine Persoon, one of which I thought she was a bit fortunate to get the decision. I scored the first fight to Persoon.

Jonas feels no pressure ahead of world title fight against Taylor

There is every chance that those tough fights could catch up with her. I think Natasha Jonas will be much better than many people expect.

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It's a good fight, but I just see Taylor producing another dominant performance. She's got such a high work-rate, she's so fit and she's tough as well.

Matthew Macklin

That's the risk you take every time you get into the ring, once you're at a certain level. I think Katie's legacy is that she's ducked no one. She's never turned down a fight. That's her legacy. She's fought the best, stepped up in weight, everything.

Is Taylor risking her legacy? Once you've achieved greatness, I suppose every time you box after that, you're risking a bit of a dent.
Matthew Macklin

Natasha Jonas is a worthy challenger, they've got a bit of history there from their amateur days at the Olympics. Obviously, Natasha is coming off a really good performance in the draw with Terri Harper. Is Taylor risking her legacy? Once you've achieved greatness, I suppose every time you box after that, you're risking a bit of a dent.

Taylor has still got goals, aspirations, things she wants to achieve and she sees herself as a trail blazer in women's boxing. To be that, you have to be prepared to fight everyone. It's just who she is.

Eddie Hearn

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Jonas believes she can shock Taylor, says promoter Eddie Hearn

Johnny Nelson

No, Katie Taylor is well established, no matter what. If Taylor lost on Saturday night, would her legacy be tarnished? Not at all. Katie Taylor has done amazing things for women's boxing, let alone boxing by itself, and she's given us some fantastic fights.

Her legacy can't be touched. She is a hero in Ireland.
Johnny Nelson

Every fight you get in there, it's a risk. We'll find out if Katie Taylor's superb skills are slipping just a little, but even if they have slipped a bit, she's still top of the tree.

Her legacy can't be touched. She is a hero in Ireland. When you talk about women's boxing all over the world, they talk about Katie Taylor and Claressa Shields.

David Coldwell

I don't think she's risking her legacy, because she's achieved that much. If she was to lose to Jonas, then it doesn't affect her legacy, because look at what she's done. She's an absolute legend in the sport.

I do think that the Tasha Jonas that fought Terri Harper is the best Tasha Jonas I've ever seen, and I was really impressed.

A couple of fights ago, I thought, 'Is the wear and tear starting to catch up on Katie Taylor?' But then in her last outing, she looked fresh, she looked revitalised.

No, I don't think she's risking her legacy, but I do think it's a very intriguing fight.

Spencer Oliver

I'm not sure that Katie Taylor is risking her legacy, but she's definitely taking a risk against Natasha Jonas.

Katie Taylor is at that stage where she has to take on all comers. Katie is a pioneer for women's boxing and she's had a couple of hard fights in recent times with Delfine Persoon. It's been a tough career, she's moved up in weight, but she's so good to watch.

Terri Harper voiced her respect for Jonas after their draw last summer

Natasha Jonas will see this as a massive opportunity. She'll be thinking, 'There's no pressure on my shoulders.' Natasha is also coming off that draw with Terri Harper, where I felt she was very unlucky not to win, as did a lot of people. She'll be going in with added confidence.

If Katie Taylor ever gets beat, I think it's going to be a huge upset. It doesn't matter who she is up against. She's the superstar of women's boxing.

Andy Clarke

I think every fight for Katie Taylor is a risk. She's undefeated and she's got that undisputed crown.

Defeat for her would seem completely unthinkable and I'm sure if it happened, it would feel like the end of the world. In that regard, yes I suppose she is, but it's a good fight to make.

I think it's going to be a great fight all the way through, but I just feel that Taylor will be a step ahead of Jonas. It could be one of those fights where it's competitive in every round, but Jonas doesn't quite do enough to win many of them.

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