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Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Can YouTubers like Logan and Jake Paul gain respect in boxing?

"YouTubers getting into boxing, there's no fast-track for getting respect," Sky Sports experts debate whether social media stars such as Logan and Jake Paul will eventually earn respect in the world of boxing

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Watch Jake Paul's quick KO win

Logan Paul shares the ring with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather this weekend, but can YouTubers gain respect in the sport? Our Panel of experts deliver their verdict...

The social media sensation faces Mayweather, a five-weight world champion, in their exhibition bout at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens on Sunday night, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

But will the likes of Logan and Jake Paul ever be respected in the world of boxing?

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Mayweather says Logan Paul is 'a YouTuber who thinks he's a real fighter'

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Johnny Nelson

Point blank no. They can't. They can gain intrigue, they can gain attention, they can gain love or hate. But to gain respect in boxing, you have got to earn your stripes.

You look at sons of legends. Eubank Jr, Conor Benn, these guys because their fathers did it, came under more criticism as young lads that wanted to fight than people like me. The attention is on them.

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Mayweather has 'far too much in his locker' for Logan Paul, says Johnny Nelson

Boxing can be very cruel and Brendan Ingle always said, 'It's a dirty rotten game at its worst. At its best, it's the sweetest thing you can ever watch.'

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YouTubers getting into boxing, there's no fast-track for getting respect. You have got to go through your lumps and bumps.

Carl Froch

Yes, if they beat the right opposition. If they end up fighting for titles, you will have to respect them.

Logan Paul looks capable. He looks like he knows what to do, but this is against really low-level opposition. These YouTubers, if they have not boxed since they were kids, forget it. They are coming into it too late to get up to even Area title level.

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Logan Paul's trainer Milton Lacroix says his fighter can out-box Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul is training and he's trying. He's putting himself through the grind. With his training and his sparring, he's taking it as serious as he can. He's sparring pros, so you have to respect that. But until he gets hit really hard by a top pro, I won't have any respect for him. If he fights a top pro, that is what will happen.

Matthew Macklin

In terms of gaining respect, they have got a mountain to climb, because people are thinking, 'Who the hell are you, coming into our world?'

You have not had 100 amateur fights, you have done nothing. You have got a profile off the back of playing video games and whatever else you have done. You are going to come into this hard sport, which we have earned our stripes in.

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Jake Paul says he will put on a 'boxing clinic' when he fights Tyron Woodley in August

They are going against all of that, but we are in a results and performance-based industry. I am not a fan of the YouTubers, but he [Jake Paul] knocked that UFC guy out. That was a pretty good right hand.

If the YouTubers guys go in and do okay, whatever that is. If that's five rounds, if it's three rounds and they are a bit competitive. If they can be competitive in any shape or form, I think people will think, 'fair play.'

Spencer Oliver

People like Logan Paul, Jake Paul, KSI - I know how hard these kids work to do what they have done. You cannot argue with the fact that they are grafting. They are not just mucking around with YouTube stuff and then getting into a boxing ring.

Can they gain respect? They will gain respect from the younger generation definitely, but you know what the older generation are like, they are much harder to come around.

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Highlights of Logan Paul's split decision loss to YouTube rival KSI

Let's use Logan for an example. He is someone that I brought over to box KSI. I thought that Logan was talented. Had he chosen to do this as a kid, he would have been really good.

I respect them, because I respect every man that get through those ropes. I know better than anyone in this world how dangerous this sport can be. For them to get in there and put it on the line, they do not need the money. They just need a new challenge and they have taken up the ultimate gladiatorial sport. Respect to any man that does that.

Andy Clarke

In professional boxing, I would say no, because they are far too behind. It's not realistic to look at them and think, they are going to be able to box any professional of any real standard, because the catch-up they are playing is just absurd. But I don't think they really need to [gain respect]. They exist in their own section for me. They are very good self-promoters these guys, obviously, because that's how they've made all of their money.

But I think if you demonstrate some kind of dedication to the sport. Someone like him [Jake Paul], I think he is, because you can see he's getting better, fight on fight. People might still say he's rubbish. He's clearly into it and clearly goes to the gym and clearly wants to do this. Anyone who demonstrates that, they will earn some respect from people in boxing. No-one is ever going to look at them and say, 'You're a really good professional fighter.'

But if you think about people in any sport of any description. Anyone who looks like they are buckling down, and putting the hours in and making the effort, you get respect that way.

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