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Steve Robinson reveals how he felt knockout punch 'through my knuckles' after dramatic heavyweight win

"As soon as it landed, I knew it had landed flush," Steve Robinson has reflected on his dramatic one-punch victory over Reece Barlow and now hopes to challenge for heavyweight titles in the near future

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Look back at Steve Robinson's huge KO win

Steve Robinson announced his arrival as a serious heavyweight contender with a huge knockout victory and has revealed how he delivered a stunning punch.

The towering Newcastle fighter produced a dramatic one-punch knockout of Reece Barlow in front of his hometown fans on the undercard of Savannah Marshall's world title win on Saturday night.

Robinson fully expected the fight to be waved off after he connected with a massive right hand in the opening round.

"Definitely, I felt it through my knuckles," Robinson told Sky Sports.

Steve Robinson
Image: Robinson had immediately troubled Reece Barlow with his power
Steve Robinson
Image: A big right hand brought a dramatic end to the fight

"I've had a few people down in sparring and hurt a few people with the left and then the right, because once the left comes, they don't expect the right. They are worried about that left swinging around.

"After I had knocked him out, I didn't even know what I knocked him out with, because it just happened. But at the same time, when I look back, that is a shot that we've been working on.

"As soon as it landed, I knew it had landed flush."

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Robinson's promising career was stalled for 18 months by the Covid-19 pandemic, but he will now quicken his progress towards challenging for a heavyweight belt.

"I would definitely love to be fighting for a title in four or five fights' time," said Robinson.

"I need to make sure I'm ready for the step-up in rounds, because once you've stepped up, there is no coming back down.

"You've got to be constantly rising. You're going to get people calling you out and all sorts.

"As a team, we'll do it educated and we'll make sure that the time is right and not force anything, but in four fights' time, I'm safely ready to be fighting for a title.

Steve Robinson
Image: Robinson wants to bring a big title fight to Newcastle

"Anybody who was there or watching, would be able to see what support Newcastle has to offer.

"Newcastle is such a proud city. If you're a sportsman in Newcastle, you're really looked well upon.

"To bring a fight up to Newcastle and win the title in front of everyone - I'm still pinching myself now about the other night."

Robinson chose a song from 'The Lion King' for his ring walk music due to his love of Disney films and does not plan to change his light-hearted persona outside the ropes.

"The whole Disney thing, it's not a laugh, it's a genuine thing," he said.

"I've got two nieces and I normally let them tell me which Disney song they love at the minute.

"The opening lyrics, 'I'm going to be a mighty king, so enemies beware.' I think the lyrics mean something as well as the song.

"It's a catchy song and I think it goes well with my character. Like Peter Pan says, 'Never grow up!'

"Just be yourself. I'll always stick with the Disney theme."

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