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Tyson Fury will be hurt more by the delay of world title fight as Deontay Wilder has a burning desire for redemption, says Carl Froch

"I think this delay is more of a concern for Fury than it is for Wilder"; Carl Froch believes Tyson Fury's motivation could be tested after he was made to wait for a third WBC title fight against Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury
Image: Tyson Fury was set to fight Deontay Wilder this month

Tyson Fury has been 'hurt more' by the delay of his world title fight as Deontay Wilder won't lose his burning desire for redemption, says Carl Froch.

I was really disappointed with the postponement, because it's a fight that I was looking forward to. Even though it seemed like it would be a one-sided fight for Fury, you can never ever just write any man off when he's a huge puncher like Wilder.

This delay is definitely going to hurt Fury more. They have both been out of the ring for the same amount of time, but Wilder is still going to be hungry, he's got a point to prove. He's been absolutely ridiculed and written off by loads of people. He's been abused really on social media for a long time.

I think Wilder is going to be like a man on fire, training for this fight, whereas Fury fought him the first time when he wasn't in shape and still got a draw. Then in the rematch he absolutely battered him. It was a one-sided whooping, so Fury could be thinking, 'Do I really need this?'

He'll know he can get knocked out by Wilder, so that will make him train hard, but I think this delay is more of a concern for Fury than it is for Wilder.

There's only so much you can keep yourself motivated when you're not busy and there's nothing happening.
Carl Froch

Fury loves the sport and you see him in the gym on his social media when he's training and he's on it. But there's only so much you can keep yourself motivated when you're not busy and there's nothing happening. I was out of the ring for seven or eight months after a cruciate ligament reconstruction and with inactivity, you lose your focus. But I was still hungry for the game at that point of my career, I still had a lot to do. I wasn't even a world champion.

That's a long time out when you're Fury and Wilder. I remember [trainer] Rob McCracken said to me when I retired, 'Listen, if you're going to come back, you need to think about getting back before a year, because once you've had a year out, it feels like you're almost starting again.' It's not starting again for Fury and Wilder, but it's a massive time to be out of the ring.

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Unfortunately, I think this makes an undisputed world title fight between Fury and Anthony Joshua more unlikely. AJ is fighting Usyk anyway which is a tough fight. If Fury vs Wilder 3 gets delayed again, then what next? Hopefully the fight goes ahead but it's not good, waiting around to fight, especially when you've been out 17 months already.

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Fury had promised to deliver an even quicker KO win

Based on that second performance that Fury put on against Wilder, the way in which he got his range and his distance, I just think he's got Wilder's number and should win again when the fight eventually happens.

Fury used his height and reach and his weight advantage, and he's a natural fighter. The only chance that Wilder has got is to clip him, if Fury is not focused. But I don't think Fury will be switched off, so I would still pick Fury, possibly on points or even another stoppage.

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