Sporting celebrities give their #MayPac Twitter verdict

Image: Ashley Cole dubs Mayweather the best boxer ever.

No punches were pulled as sporting celebrities took to Twitter after Floyd Mayweather's victory over Manny Pacquiao.

From the world of boxing, Audley Harrison (@audley_Harrison) praised Mayweather, tweeting 'Mixed reactions, but Floyd did V Well, Sharp crisp counters, always on the move. It's the style that's got him there  #WhyChange #MayPac'

Amir Khan (@AmirKingKhan), who still hopes for a big payday fight against Mayweather, said 'Well done @FloydMayweather great performance #EasyWork'

From football, QPR's Joey Barton (@Joey7Barton) got in on the act, saying 'Manny still has one thing Floyd will never have. Class. Difference in both interviews at the end. 1 talking about boxing other about watches'

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Peter Crouch (@petercrouch), having forecast 'I'm on mayweather points' and added 'Let's get it straight though heart Pacquiao head mayweather' said simply afterwards 'Thought so #MayPac'

And Fabrice Muamba (@fmuamba) posted a fight stats summary showing Mayweather dominated the punches landed figures, saying simply 'Numbers don't lie. #MayPac #MannyvsMayweather'
Ashley Cole (@TheRealAC3) tweeted 'Today is a good day the #champ @FloydMayweather won, best boxer ever then for Chelsea to win the league, then maybe I might get a game too'
Australia fast bowler Mitchell Johnson (@MitchJohnson398) was a bit bemused post-fight, tweeting 'Who was interviewing Pacman? #norespect #MayPac'

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