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Cricket Scotland concludes eight further cases after racism review

It has been a year since a review found Cricket Scotland to be failing on almost all tests of institutional racism; Cricket Scotland has concluded eight further cases handed on for examination by investigation team

Cricket Scotland has concluded eight more of the cases referred for further investigation after a review exposed institutional racism in the organisation a year ago.

It has been a year since the publication of a report that detailed 448 indicators of institutional racism in Cricket Scotland.

Twelve months ago Sky Sports News revealed a damning review found the governing body failed on almost all tests of institutional racism.

Sixty-eight individual concerns were referred for further investigation, which included 31 allegations of racism against 15 different people, two clubs and one regional association.

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An independent review found 448 examples of institutional racism in Scottish cricket. Majid Haq and Qasim Sheikh have shared their experiences

A total of 12 have now been concluded, with another nine handed up by the investigation team to Cricket Scotland for examination.

The eight recently concluded cases have led to recommendations for improvements to Cricket Scotland processes, including improved support for those suffering online abuse, improved guidelines around sanctions for race related misconduct, educational awareness, reviewing safe-guarding processes and more.

Cricket Scotland has agreed action plans around these that are yet to be published.

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Pete Fitzboydon, Cricket Scotland chief executive, said: "I am pleased that we continue to make progress in concluding the referrals handed to us for deliberation.

"The learnings from these cases have once again highlighted issues within the organisation's processes that require attention, and as with those that were previously concluded are already being acted upon.

"Cricket Scotland fully supports the work of the independent investigating team as they handle these cases, and we are grateful to them for their diligent work in difficult circumstances."

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