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Lewis Hamilton runs into Nico Rosberg...while out jogging!

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Lewis Hamilton explains the only time he has spoken to Nico Rosberg since the German retired was while jogging in London

Exactly a year on from the race in which they spectacularly ran into each other on the track, Lewis Hamilton has revealed the last time he and Nico Rosberg ran into each other - this time on foot!

During the Spanish GP drivers' press conference, Hamilton was asked if he had seen his former team-mate in the six months since Rosberg retired from F1 after winning the world title.

Although Hamilton initially said he hadn't, he then recalled a chance encounter with his former friend turned rival while out jogging on the streets of central London!

Hit play on the video above to watch Lewis recount the surreal story!

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Hamilton and Rosberg were involved in a dramatic crash on the first lap of the Spanish Grand Prix which saw both men retire from the race

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